Ana B’Koach – The Prayer The Ana B’Koach prayer, as a whole, represents a movement from one state to another. It is made up of seven verses corresponding . The Miracle Prayer aka Ana Bekoach is one of the most powerful prayers in the world. This article will assist you with memorizing this powerful. The words of “Ana B’Koach” in Hebrew and transliteration. Back in , I posted about a prayer called Ana B’Koach: My friend Reb David.

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These are known as the 42 journeys which, according to the Baal Shem Tov, represent 42 stages a person goes through in life. Instead, we must be our be,oach masters with the power of the Master of the Universe to master our own lives. When I woke up the next morning I’ve decided to create these amulets.

The Miracle Prayer aka Ana Bekoach with Lyrics

We meditate on how we need to be the crowned ones, the rulers, the masters of our life, not to get stuck in routine and be mastered by the work that we do throughout the week. The workweek is now completed. A sign, synchronicity, or an intuitive thought usually follows spiritual experiences and growth. Inwardly, it is a state that arises from not living in the complete reality of unification with our Source, of being separate.


Friday serves to connect Yesod work with rest and rest with work. And bekoxch who knows it is heedful thereof and observes it in purity, is beloved Above and popular below, feared by man, and inherits two worlds: Imagine having something you can say that can alter the flow of reality. Ana Bekoach Gold Price: It faded in and out and was moving around.

Ana-Bekoach Prayer: A Voice from the Deep |

Yud — Vav — Dalet Vav: The search for the ultimate formula or equation that governs the universe, or actually sustains the Cosmos itself, was sought after for generations by mathematicians and physicists. There can be a shift from an outward, aggressive modality to a mood bekooach inward and reflective, a mood of thanksgiving.

Blessed is the name of his noble kingdom forever and ever. Then out of the blue I suddenly visualized the 42 letters name.


This is the power of the Miracle Prayer. It seems as though many others have their own unique experiences with the prayer as well. Please, heroic one, those who pursue your uniqueness- guard them as the pupil of an eye.

Keep us safe, protect us from harm and save us. A-na B’cho-ach gdu-lat y’min-cha ta-tir tze-ru-ra Ka-bel ri-nat am-cha, sag-vei-nu, ta-ha-rei-nu no-ra Na gi-bor, dor-shei yi-chud-cha, k’va-vat sham-rem Bar-chem ta-ha-rem ra-cha-mem, tzid-kat-cha ta-mid gam-lem Cha-sin ka-dosh b’rov tu-cha, na-hel a-da-te-cha Ya-chid ge-eh l’am-cha p’neh, zoch-rei k’du-sha-te-cha Shav-a-tei-nu ka-bel, ush’ma tza-a-ka-tei-nu, yo-de-ah ta-a-lu-mot.

Powerful and Holy One, in goodness lead your flock. Click a button and Reach Many, Teach Many! One completes and compliments the other.


Get the MP3 Download at tybro. Contact the publisher of Hebrew Songs. This journey of 42 is reflected in the story of our exodus from Egypt, bekowch place of constriction and limitation. That is why the 42 name was known as one of those secret formulas and it is anq based on the first two sentences in the first chapter of Genesis.

Listen to Rav Dovber on your mobile device. The Miracle Prayer aka Ana Bekoach. The midpoint is not a direction as it is not a movement, or doing.

There are two types of seals: This article will assist you with memorizing this powerful spiritual prayer. Seven six-letter names are found in each line using the first letter of each of the six aana in that line; it is to be scanned and visualized, but never pronounced.

It was probably 15 minutes later that we heard something “out bekoacg this world”! There can be no elevation without this name as it embodies the ultimate movement of elevation, the progression from slavery, constriction to freedom, expansion.