Awadhi cuisine is a cuisine native to the city of Lucknow, which is the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh in Northern India. “Normally we see that what is served in the name of Awadhi dishes in restaurants is not actually Awadhi food. A lot of dishes are either not. Famous for its rich spices, indulgent flavours and iconic dishes, Awadhi cuisine is steeped in history. Tom Shingler heads to Zaika in.

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The best time to have them is May, when mangoes are young.

Famous for its rich spices, indulgent flavours and iconic dishes, Awadhi cuisine is steeped in history. Dastarkhwan is where people sit around and enjoy the food prepared by the bawarchisthis is the place dining spread is laid ceremonially and it is a customary to share food in Awadhi.


How about some authentic Awadhi cuisine?

A true Nawabi feast. Murg Musallam is a stuffed roasted chicken. Please sign in or register to leave a comment. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Awadhi cuisine. So far we have believed that the modern cooking techniques were just recently been introduced but it is found that these techniques already existed over the years.


The dessert is made with special basmati rice flavored with cardamom sugar syrup. A journey to Rajasthan with Vivek Singh. The cooking patterns of Lucknow are similar to those of Central Asiathe Middle Eastand Northern India with the cuisine comprising both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Awadhi cuisine is a bit of an unknown in Britain, despite being the basis for many of our favourite Indian takeaway staples. Enjoy a wholesome Awadh meal at your place.

Top 20 Restaurants of Laxmi Nagar, Delhi. We now know the southern states are where ingredients like coconutjaggery and tamarind are used with aplomb, while northern India is home to many of the breads and curries we love. Murgh Do Pyaaza So spicy, so easy! Awadhi Style Zarda Pulao Recipe.

How about some authentic Awadhi cuisine? – Food & Recipes

While kormas are rich, they are also mild, containing little or no cayenne or chillies. A journey to Chettinad with Alfred Prasad. Comments Butter and biryanis: Kebabs are the integral part of Awadhi. The curry of a dish is made out of grinded peas with pieces of potato soaked into it. It is a must try dish. Almost all Indian kebabs are Awadhi, thanks to the Mughals that ruled over the area in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.


Bangalore is a popular city in India.

Dive Into The History Of Awadhi Cuisine With 20 Delicious Recipes by Archana’s Kitchen

Breads are a staple in Lucknow, and many different varieties eaten in the UK are Awadhi. Here is the List of some popular Kebabs [5]. Dum cooking also preserved meat for longer, which was handy awahi armies on the move. We could spot those normal golgappa at every other place in North India, but this is a special one of Lucknow.

Back then cooks would keep their methods very secret to ensure no other chef could steal their methods, which meant if someone wanted to taste Awadhi cuisine for themselves, they had to travel to Lucknow. Retrieved from ” https: Mutton Shami Kebab Recipe. These are so common in Lucknow that now it is considered ucisine street food.

The content of onions in its sauce provides it a very different flavor. Annanas Ka Muzzafar Recipe.