Like the recently revised A General Conditions, new revisions to the AIA B, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect. Comparison of and AIA contract documents: Key changes in AIA A™ and AIA B™. October 26, This briefing highlights changes to the. The American Institute of Architects (AIA), on April 27, issued the update to the AIA B™ “Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner.

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The new wording may protect the Architect against a client arguing that the architect should not have relied on information provided by the Owner without first double checking it for accuracy. AIA Contract Documents have also been developed to address this shift in responsibility.

One reason given for including this information directly in the agreement, instead of what was previously an exhibit, is that it will be front and center and will result in more individuals actually reading the information and becoming knowledgeable about the content.

In this article, we highlight and explain some of the key changes, including:.

Don’t have an AIA. An unlicensed firm cannot generally meet the state licensing requirements merely by having licensed individuals perform the services.

AIA B101™ – 2017 Owner-Architect Agreement, What Has Changed Since 2007?

This discussion is generalized in nature and should not be considered a substitute for professional advice. We’ve sent an email with instructions to create a new password.

This change cures that problem.

B Bthe Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect, Construction Manager as Adviser Edition, is similar to B, except that it specifically assumes that the owner will retain a construction manager to provide cost estimating, project scheduling, and other services during design.

The electronic format makes editing easy by clearly showing the changes made and producing a professional final document. The excess policy shall not require the exhaustion of the underlying limits only through the actual payment of the underling insurers. The B and the B include the same types of liability coverage, but provide more detail on coverage requirements.


Your existing password has not been changed. One is that B assumes that the owner will retain third parties to provide cost estimates and project scheduling services during the design phases. This is almost entirely new. However, the attachment will be useful for providing more detailed requirements specific to the project or contract.

This allows the parties to focus on the meaning and impact of the changes. By Kristine Kroenke and Dean Thomson. This is a powerful clause. This Briefing Paper has not discussed all of the changes in the B and the B, but has intended to address some of the more significant changes.

These changes, as well as numerous others, are addressed in greater detail in the balance of this paper. Trending Praesent in leo sed dolor consectetur Read more Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit Read more Aenean vestibulum sem non nibh porttitor Read more. Cura bitur amet et commodo turpis These agreements provide a solid framework for relationships among the owner, architect, contractor, and other project participants.

This serves the purpose of improving upon communication, which is certainly a vital element of good risk management and project management.

AIA B solidifies your (legal) relationship with the owner. #AREsketches – L² Design, LLC

Commonly used owner-architect agreements for commercial projects and their distinguishing features include the following:. As it is often a time consuming and fruitless effort to appeal, the design professional usually makes the change demanded by the Official rather than delay the construction of that component of the Project.

As the construction xia and procurement of construction services have evolved, owners often choose to engage construction managers or similar consultants to provide specialized pre-construction services, such as cost estimating, scheduling, and constructability review. Many of the changes to the B are the same as the changes made to the B It is advisable that the Architect use this same type of language for other types of certifications as well.


Changes To The New AIA B101-2017 and B103-2017 Owner/Architect Agreements

b11 However, if the owner will engage a consultant to provide cost estimating and scheduling services during design, and procurement will be through bidding or negotiation, B provides terms that are more precisely tailored to this circumstance.

It is one thing to have to make changes because codes change after contract award. B Bthe Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect, Construction Manager as Constructor Edition, is also like B, except that—like the B—it specifically assumes that the owner will retain a construction manager to provide cost estimating, project scheduling, and other services during design.

The Cost of the Work does not include the compensation of the Architect, Architect. Please check your email and click on the link to activate your account.

Choosing the right owner-architect agreement is critical to any commercial design project. Article 1 — Initial Information — The B contains many additions to Article 1 that were previously included in the longer B, and remain in the B Please confirm the information below before signing in. B110 also includes services to assist the owner in bidding or in obtaining negotiated proposals from contractors during procurement. The parties should be aua to either modify this Section or review the E The final sentence added to this paragraph requires that the Owner have no direct communications with subconsultants but instead always communicates through the Architect.