Hi Alan,. Just received a copy of your book. I have been fascinated by this method. He and Barry have been very successful with the diminished approach. Pianist Barry Harris’ method which outlines a more summarized, yet in-depth, approach to jazz harmony. Method adapted for guitar by Alan Kingstone. Thread: Kingstone/Harris Harmonic Method for Guitar I know there is a dedicated Barry Harris thread, but most of it is focussed on single line improvisation. Alan’s book doesn’t really seem focussed on that (although maybe .

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Barry Harris may have done more to publicise these ideas than anyone, but noone owns them – they’re right at the heart of bebop especially Bud Powell and Charlie Parker. Or is it the other guihar around? You’ll learn that all of the voicings in that harmonized scale will work over the chord and that you can create new voicings on the fly by borrowing notes between the 6th chord and the diminished chord as you move between them in kinbstone and release.

I was already familiar with the bebop major and bebop melodic minor scales Mark Levinebut didn’t realize that harmonizing them yields these 3 chords!

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Barry Harris The Guitar in Jazz. It encourages musicians to create original phrases based, in part, on the cross-fertilization of rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic models embodied in the rules Harris harmoonic. Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Borrowing 3. Click Here to Order Now!

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Studying the concepts put forth in this book will not teach you a set of hip sounding voicings. I am still on the first page of the workouts but I already have a very different perception and skill that is popping out. As I methd it, there are two paths for a chord player to go down. None of the notes one plays are in the key of C or even in the chord G7, but we still try to force it into our little universe that says everything is a ii, a V or a I of the key we are in.


Yet, physically the guitar is better designed than the piano for slipping and sliding chords and shapes around easily. It is a very practical and organized way of looking at chord movement applied to the areas of accompaniment, arranging and composition.

Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Practicing the Scales harros. Berliner, University of Chicago Press You can give it a try and see for yourself. Thank you for this book. There was a problem loading comments right now. As well, one realizes that the interesting spots in music, whether you are comping, harmonizing a melody or writing an arrangement, are the places in between the chord symbols.

I am confident that guitarists everywhere who are fortunate enough to pick up this book will thank him again, and again. Wish Lists Sign In. Learn more about Amazon Prime. I am climbing out of old perspectives and into new ones. Just received a copy of your book. When was the last time you listened to the symphony, for instance, and said oh yeah, Am7b5 — D7.

Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Movement 2. I watched all the dvds hwrmonic several times which really helps to see his over-all approach before I began using the dvds with the workbook.

The Barry Harris Harmonic Method for Guitar

Kingstone’s writing style is refreshing and fun, and the organization of materials allows you to instantly become immersed in Barry Harris’s brilliant ideas, while also making it easy to find, with a few page turns, any particular concept for review and deeper study. I think the ideas presented here are good and clever, but not the only way to understand harmony and bebop hopefully!


I like that thousands of possibilities open without having to get too analytical, just have fun playing.

The Terry Gibbs Quartet Feat. I have had the opportunity to be play with Barry a few times over the years.

Great work and may I bug you with a question or two along the way. Barry Harris is a great pianist and a great educator.

In other words, stop thinking in terms of an altered Fog chord that shares little in common with the key, and instead start thinking in terms of a parent diminished chord from which you can borrow any notes or chords you like to play over the root of a related dominant chord. What you will find herein are the structural components, as mapped out and developed by jazz giant Barry Harris, that will guide and aid you on your own personal road to discovery. He is a living and brilliant extension of Bud Powell.

I remember Pat Martino telling me about his diminished approach way back in the 70’s.

Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Movement 2. Thank you for this book. This is NOT just another jazz guitar book, of which you probably already own dozens, harrus rehashing the same topics. This is one of the best investments I have ever made!!!! There’re too many things I love about this book to mention in a review, so I’ll end with one more.