Sebagai contoh adalah pelumasan pada bantalan luncur atau journal bearing. Ketebalan lapisan ilm dari pelumas akan menentukan kinerja mesin. Makin tebal . View 5 Bantalan GELINDING from MECHANICAL 1 at Universitas Gadjah Mada. BANTALAN GELINDING (Rolling Bearing) Poros (shaft) Sleeve Bantalan. BANTALAN (BEARING) Bantalan berdasar sistem gerak dan gaya gesek dibedakan atas dua jenis: 1. bantalan Luncur 2. bantalan Gelinding.

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Identifikasi Karakteristik Mekanis Bantalan Luncur Motor Starter Dari Serbuk Tembaga Alumunium

View original from ejurnal. In this study founded that the energy released or AE amplitude is influenced by sliding speed, external force, number of asperity contact and contact between the journal and bearing characteristic.

This paper discus the acoustic emission responses in the journal bearings based on asperity contact between the journal and the bearing. Beside vibration, acoustic emission analysis is an effective method in machinery condition monitoring especially for journal bearing condition monitoring.

bearing clearance – kelonggaran bantalan luncur – personal glossaries

Jurnal Sains dan Teknologi Indonesia merupakan jurnal ilmiah yang berisi tulisan tentang sain dan This type of bearing is simple, a high load carrying capacity and accommodate a misalignment problems.

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Bushing is one of imported component that widely used on automotive application including motor strater.

Keywords Self aligning spherical journal bearing, condition monitoring, asperity contact, acoustic emission. Moreover, it may cause accelerated deterioration and unexpected failure which are highly damaging and dangerous in both economic, engineering and safety issues.

Cu-Al metal powder was compacted at various pressure, i.

However, abnormal operating conditions in the journal bearings will degrade machine performance, decrease life time service and increase operating and maintenance cost. In this research powder metal technology is used to process Cu-Al powder to become slide bearing of motor starter.

When the radial load and speed gantalan increased the amplitude of AE emission response increase as well. After physical and mechanical test it can be deduced that bushing made by powder metallurgy method could increase its mechanical properties and as aresult improve its life time operation. Download full text Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages.


Prosiding Industrial Research Workshop and National Seminar

There are many attempts to support the development of industry in Indonesia, especially on automotive sector, one of them is by replacing import components with local component products. Jurnal Sains dan Teknologi Indonesia.

Abstract Self aligning spherical journal bearing is a plain bearing which has spherical surface contact; it can be applied in the high power industrial machinery such as steam turbines, centrifugal compressor and large pumps.

After sintering specimens were air cooled to room temperature. It is expected that powder metal process not only increasing local content in automotive parts but also providing better quality by increasing life time of bushing compared to ordinary one.

User Username Password Remember me. Bushing usually made of copper bntalan such as brass, bronz or babbit in a solid form by casting or extrusion process.