From intermediate to advanced, this cutting edge video software program presents Chris Standring in the first of a jazz guitar masterclass series. In this 11 lesson. Hi, I have been searching for actual reviews of ‘Play What You Hear’ by Chris Standring. Many people seem to think it is good but there are. The Purpose of the Play What You Hear jazz guitar lesson program is to teach Seriously, the author, Chris Standring, makes a great point that.

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From intermediate to advanced level, this highly acclaimed course teaches you how to “play what you hear”. In this cheis lesson program Chris discusses building harmonic vocabulary, ammassing ideas over the 2, 5 and 1 chord families as well as performing 3 solos on camera, utilizing all the information he discusses throughout the program, all transcribed with notation and TAB.

Jazz Guitar Lessons Review – Play What You Hear by Chris Standring | Jazz Music Blog

Play without looking at the guitar. This course for acoustic or electric guitar jazz guitar? It is a lot to absorb and I look forward to putting these into practice in my own playing. It will be invaluable to me!

Most lessons include a written statement, written music and tab and audio examples. There are whaat of great ideas to use in your own playing and Chris has a very direct no nonsense way of laying it all out. Learn new harmonic devices and understand chords in a whole new way. For intermediate and advanced players.

Learn a keyboard instrument.

When I received whah Standring course, had a jazz-guitar song standringg the first three on the jazz. Chris continues that he believes that many guitarists often have no idea that he can not hear whatplay.

The guitar lessons on CD are very well organized and therefore easy to navigate. You lay it out very clearly and the musical ideas are all super cool, especially the II – V – I bebop phrases. I am still working on part 1 and going through the various inversions and sample phrases. Over audio examples and tons of play along tracks.


Harmony Focuses on chord melody. Who will benefit the most from this program jazz guitar? Performances Study Chris Standring’s six recorded solos, transcribed with audio and high def video.

Learn how to effortlessly solo through complex chord changes. There are over e-produced audio examples that really bring the written word to life. Comes with play along tracks, spiral bound workbook and optional DVD. Join The Inside Track membership and get access to all Chris Standring’s guitar instructional programs, all in one place.

Every note transcribed in traditional notation and TAB. Chris has hit on something really good and much needed today Players of my generation learned to play on the bandstand as we were forced to “play what we heard” and if we didn’t, we had to get it together pretty darn quick. When I solo i only remember what notes are sharp or flat. Ok in reply to Slygroove When I replied saying you should learn scales and arpeggios and such, I assumed that chrjs learn these things properly pkay would also learn where the notes are on the fretboard.

Play What You Hear Volume 1

I would really like to thank you for all the work you have put in to it. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Doesn’t matter though no harm done. There are so many of these books promising to make you an awesome guitarist that they can’t waht be true. I’m really just looking for an opinion from someone who has it.

Play What You Hear Volume 1 – an intermediates jazz guitar instructional program by Chris Standring

In fact, all standrint solos have good, solid construction and a yku swinging feel. Free Jazz Guitar Lessons Sfandring online jazz guitar lessons for beginners, intermediates and advanced. Joking aside, the author, Chris Standring, makes a good point that many guitarists learn to master the keyboard to form and view templates. Thanks for a very good program. I, like many, have stacks of guitar course books that I briefly managed to get into but then they went on to make great dust collectors.


While stanfring is a bit ‘disappointing, I think that in the medium level of skill and is much less critical. I also liked your solos over “All the Things You Are” and the other tunes, too. This course will help speed up that learning process rapidly. This course has a very good job ofpresents this concept in a format easily understandable to a very reasonable price for a course of training for specialties taught by a leader of jazz.

Do not learn “scale shapes” or “arpeggio shapes. Join The Inside Track membership and get access to all Chris Standring’s guitar instructional programs, hcris in one place. It has been many years since the first edition of Play What You Hear originally released in Play What You Hear Volume 1 By Chris Standring From intermediate to advanced level, this highly acclaimed course teaches you how to ” play what you hear “.

A great boon for those serious but struggling like me. Part one focuses on single string improv.

If you put in the work and are diligent, this course will be an excellent guide on your journey towards playing Jazz Guitar”. There areShipping charges for the version for immediate download.