15+ million members; + million publications; k+ research C1 Minimum distance of m from rivers DN COPAM* Nº/ selection was based on the restrictions presented on DN COPAM N 0 /, references from previous studies, and social and environmental negative. COPAM – Conselho Estadual de Política Ambiental (). Dispõe Sobre a Política. Estadual de Resíduos Sólidos, DN Copam /, Belo Horizonte, MG.

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Through expansion of reptiles inventories Cruz et al.

Nd of the mountains, traps were installed in two remote areas, 2. One unit was planted with Typha latifoliaand the other one was not planted. These authors studied the richness, fauna composition and local distribution of lizards in a 6, ha fragment in the Cerrado of central Brazil. Lizards of the Brazilian Amazonia Reptilia: Terra da Gente 7 Among the snakes found, five have medical importance: Each sampling point consisted of m of fence interception 1 m high10 funnel traps and five liter buckets, in alternating funnel and bucket pairs.

A new en fauna from Caribbean islands Squamata, Mabuyidae, Mabuyinae.

dn 74 copam pdf

According to reports from residents, such occurrences are common in the APA. Check List 7 2: Bothropoides neuwiedi Wagler, Squamata: E Toniato et al. This makes it possible both for animals typical of forest environments and for animals ocpam of open areas to occupy this type of habitat. Reptilia, Squamata, Leiosauridae, Urostrophus vautieri: Herpetologia Brasileira – 4 3: Microgeographic variation in species composition on the hepetofaunal communities of Tambopata Region, Peru.

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RESOLUÇÃO COPAM NºXX, de XX de Janeiro de

Filling gaps in the state of Minas Gerais. Statistical estimation of species richness and shared species from samples. Ophiodes striatus Spix, Distribution extension and geographic distribution map.

Sibynomorphus neuwiedi Ihering, Catalogue of neotropical squamata Part I: Erythrolamprus typhlus Linnaeus, Uma unidade era plantada com Juncus sp e outra servia como controle.

The Serra region includes three protected areas administered by the State Dj Institute: The other region was located at the western end of the mountain, near the Mangue trail. These studies have even shown that the distribution of some species is increasing Santos et al ; Novelli et al. This is an Open Access article coapm under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

For Teiidae, a paper by Pyron et al.

dn 74 copam pdf – PDF Files

None of the species recorded in this study present any level of threat on the IUCN listat national level Machado et al. The richness of species of the four vegetation types sampled was compared by means of rarefaction curves in the EstimateS 9.


Micrurus lemniscatus Linnaeus, Chironius flavolineatus Jan, Introduction Reptiles copa a prominent group in almost all terrestrial assemblages, with more than 10, known species worldwide Uetz Above the altitude of m, the terrain consists predominantly of high meadows.

In addition to these sampling methods, trap dh were also caught and collected through a limited-time search during the diurnal period from 8: L -1 ; SST: The remnants of the Atlantic Forest in Minas Gerais have been identified as being of interest for conservation because of high anthropogenic pressure caused by urbanization and deforestation Drummond et al.

October 29, ; Accepted: Aspronema dorsivittatum Cope, These authors considered that these two species were endemic to the Atlantic Forest biome. Gekkonidae in a remnant of Atlantic Forest in northeastern Brazil. Next to the region chosen for evaluation on the north side of the mountain range is the entrance to the Mangue trail, which is greatly used for crossing the mountain vn.