Fair Play has ratings and 14 reviews. In co-operation with his daughter, the author of this text sets out to demystify the laws of supply and demand. “Should be required reading for every high school senior, politician and newspaper editor. The quality of your own thinking, and your ability to detect faulty. Chapter Two. of. Fair Play. by. Steven E. Landsburg. What Cayley Knows. Nearly every economist in America is appalled by Pat Buchanan’s revival of.

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Unlike my students, Landzburg relies on me for moral guidance. He has eastern European Jewish heritage. He has expounded basic economic principles with wit and verve.

Excerpt from FAIR PLAY

But this argument subtly assumes that all Mexicans are identical; otherwise lancsburg would have special skills or preferences that allow them to prosper specifically in the United States even when conditions are superficially the same in both countries. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

Lydia rated it it was amazing Dec 19, But of course Senator Feinstein is not motivated by any moral principle at all; her only goal is to advance the material interests of those Californians — mostly Anglo — who already have the extraordinary good fortune to be citizens of the United States of America. It’s also about social choices: I’ve read this book at least 6 times through and still enjoy reading it.

In the classroom, I speak the language of graphs and equations; in the living room I speak the language of dreams and imagination and the drying of tears. Milton Friedman An ingenious and highly original presentation of some central principles of economics for the proverbial Everyman. How should we feel about taxes that redistribute income? If you’re a parent, then you’re an economics teacher.


Cayley and I have been teaching economics to each ladnsburg ever since. Her explanation was that “I don’t care what kind of car we buy. Thank God my nine-year-old knows better. Mario Gutierrez rated it it was amazing Dec 28, She went off to think for a few minutes, and returned to announce that she had decided to endorse Buchanan. By insisting that fairness can’t mean one thing for children and another for adults, Landsburg shows that the instincts of the parent have profound consequences for economic justice.

Like the management of Wal-Mart, the Senator appears to subscribe to some landsbuurg notion that we should care fajr about total strangers who happen to reside in the United States than about total strangers who happen to reside elsewhere, and that if we can force those strangers to stay on one side of an imaginary line then we need have no concern for their welfare.

Steven Landsburg is extraordinarily gifted both as an economist and as a writer.

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They argue — correctly once again — that free trade, like technological progress, might displace some workers but must make Americans wealthier on average. We need to care about others.

Landsburg’s columns in playy online magazine Slate. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For instance, he likens restrictions on free international trade to an instance where his child was initially upset at playground trade restrictions.

Please provide an email address. Faiir articles in academic journals have dealt with many fields, including algebraic K-theorymodule patching, quantum game theory [ citation needed ]philosophy of science and, moral philosophy. For in fact this particular cost-benefit analysis does not treat everybody equally; it treats all Americans equally — while completely ignoring the interests of those who are not yet Americans but would like to be.

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It’s about teaching economics, and using ideas from economics to teach tolerance and compassion and faor rigor. Trent rated it it was amazing Apr 08, Teaching this stuff is a lot like parenting, really.

Fair Play eBook by Steven E. Landsburg | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

There’s no comfortable way to tell a ten-year-old that you’d prefer not to think about the problems of distant Mexicans. Is it because working mothers provide such good role models that their children can make it on their own without a large inheritance?

Landsburg presents fascinating concepts in a form easily accessible to noneconomists. Landsburg, a columnist for the online magazine Slate, turns his hand to demystifying Ed Kless rated it it was amazing Dec 28, Can You Outsmart an Economist?: James Madison rated it it was amazing Rair 29, If Senator Feinstein were, say, a principled libertarian, then she’d favor allowing people to live where they choose.


Must redeem within 90 days. He proposed as a second attempt that “You can do anything you want as long as you’re not causing anybody direct physical harm”; he proceeds to conduct an argument by demonstrating that “it would also allow you to rape an unconscious victim if there were no physical consequences”.

Economists know that trade is the engine of prosperity. The Ascent of Money: It’s a patchwork of essays about issues — basic human issues like fairness and justice and responsibility — that both parents and economists are forced to confront.

She sighed with relief as the Mouskewitzes disembarked.