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Supply Organization 3. Refrig- erated spaces are usually the responsibility of a Mess Management Specialist.

Trmae Standard

The food service officer must ensure that general ffiche stocks are issued before reaching the end of their normal storage life. It is at this selec- tion point that the MS detailer can assist senior MSs by providing insight into current career opportunities and the availability of assignments.

Defense Supply Depots The defense supply depots stock semiperish- able food items for issue to all services. The custodian must not record the combina- tion anywhere other than on the paper turned in to the accountable officer or disclose the combina- tion to any person. SECURITY Physical security in the supply fihe per- tains to the security of classified publications and correspondence, the safekeeping of funds and other specified items in the supply officer’s safe, and the custody and safekeeping of keys to supply spaces.

The substitution of adtes potato recipe, such as mashed potatoes, is not acceptable.

What quality of performance is necessary to carry out the job successfully? The commanding officer appoints the caterer except in those cases where the treasurer performs the functions of both the treasurer and caterer.

Check your acceptability records. Difficult or unfamiliar material will require more study time. Foodservice S-2 Division General The foodservice component operates all phases of the general mess and makes authorized issues, sales, and transfers of food items. The material may be shipped from stock or pro- cured for shipment by the vendor. Mess Management Specialists com- pleting an authorized apprenticeship under the National Apprenticeship Program will be awarded a Certificate of Apprenticeship Completion by the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, Depart- ment of Labor.


Many people find it helpful to make a written outline of the unit as they study or at least to write down the most important ideas. Then put them back in the refrigerator to keep them crisp and fresh. Responsibility for the government property in use in the officers’ quarter’s and mess.

HOME – Anna Muller – Photographer & Collage Artist

Some trainees learn rapidly and should be allowed to progress at their own rate of speed. Remember this when you are planning the menu and when you assign personnel to specific jobs. These articles often discuss new ideas or work improvements that are of general interest to the supply community. The supply officer can authorize the passing of the duplicate key between duty supply officers or duty petty officers when the number of supply officers is such that the senior petty officers are required to act as department duty officers.

At the MS3 and MS2 levels, ad- vancements have traditionally been more numerous, which normally provides greater overall advancement opportunities.

Collateral duties and command sdets community involvement should be listed in each evaluation if it is applicable. The same is true of oils and fats used for cooking.

Order the day supply that you can properly handle, then fill any additional techhnique with whole frozen, or whole dried, powdered eggs.

After evaluating the 15 years of experience, the petty officer discovers a lack of management experiences. The FSO is responsible for obtaining the required signatures on certifications of rations fed to specified categories of personnel. Performs a fitness-for-human-consump- tion inspection upon tevhnique of food items riche commercial sources Examines twchnique personnel Mess Management Specialists for physical appearance and state of health Examines foodservice attendants physical appearance and state of health for Assists in the planning and administration of training programs for foodservice personnel in personal hygiene, sanitation, and safety Surveillance of sanitation of foodservice spaces and equipment Exercises constant surveillance over the sanitary aspects of food preparation and service Must be available to inspect food items if there is any doubt as to their fitness for human consumption DUTIES OF THE SUPPLY OFFICER Officers of the Supply Corps are assigned to duty as the supply officer or as assistant to the supply officer.


According to ArticleU. Conservation of man- power is important. Ficje management is the key to effective mess operations. General Ciche S-l Division General The general stores component pro- cures, receives, stores, expends, and accounts for consumables, equipage, repair parts, and other material as techniqke, and maintains records incident thereto; prepares correspondence, reports, and returns; and performs required obligation recording.

It is upon the maintenance of this control that our country’s glorious future depends; the United States Navy exists to make it so. The Navy Supply System c. To manage the PQS program effectively, the division officer assigns each individual a specific qualification goal and designates the time frame expected for completion of the qualification.

Only chief petty officers who are regular members of the CPO mess are eligible to become mess president.

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This means adeets duties should be varied as opposed to a single job or duty station track. In this regard, the division officer and leading Mess Management Specialist conduct individual interviews with newly reported personnel to evaluate their past experience, qualifications, and general background. If possi- ble, schedule your study for a time of day when you will not have too many interruptions or distractions.

Normally, specified divisions provide foodservice attendants for the CPO mess. Then, chapter by chapter, read the in- troduction, the headings, and the subheadings.


It is recommended that you study the first section of NAVPERS E to gam an understanding of the skills and knowledge required of a senior Mess Management Specialist The occupational standards are operating hand in hand with the naval standards for all Navy ratings Naval standards are defined as follows: Navy Ration System 5. Supervising the procurement, storage, and issue of adetts consumable provisions and supplies for the quarters and the messes.

For example, in the wardroom mess, the senior line officer in command or in succession to command is the mess president.