Published: (); Yōmon senshū: Nichiren Daishōnin gosho: tsūkai tsuki / By: Nichiren Nichiren Daishōnin gosho zenshū Hori Nikkō hen. 日蓮大聖人御書. This volume contains the translations of works from the Soka Gakkai publication ” Nichiren Daishonin gosho zenshu” (“The Complete Works of Nichiren. Get this from a library! Nichiren Daishōnin gosho zenshū. [Nichiren; Nichikō Hori].

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On the fiftieth anniversary of that important event, it is my pleasure to witness the publication of a new English dictionary of Buddhist terms, The Soka Gakkai Dictionary of Buddhism.

This in turn can provide a spiritual and philosophical basis zeenshu dealing with such modern global issues as the protection of human rights, the preservation of the environment, and the attainment of world peace. Written at Mount Minobu and dated July 21,this treatise was written in appreciation for the Daishonin’s late zneshu Dozen-ho.

It has three volumes, and the last volume is the “zokuhen” or “subsidiary texts whose authenticity is problematic”. Only Will Kallander is responsible for content of this site, and any questions, comments, or suggestions should be sent directly to him by email.

Posted by Aunti Religion at The aim of Buddhism is to enable people to bring forth and display the innate and enduring power of life itself, to remain unbent and unbowed by any hardship or opposition, and to fully enjoy a condition of absolute happiness—enduring happiness that emerges from within and is not dependent on externals. We are able to discern the beginnings of Mahayana within the Buddhism of India, but it began to flower and bear fruit in earnest as it encountered and spread among different cultures.

The essential message in this work, which I entrusted to Shijo Kingo’s messenger, is that the destiny of Japan depends solely upon me. Through the unifying principle expressed in the Lotus Sutra, however, those contrasting views are integrated and resolved, giving rise to the concept of the fusion of self and other.

Catalog Record: Nichiren Daishōnin gosho zenshū | Hathi Trust Digital Library

The aim of Nichiren Buddhism is to realize that great vow in our present age, the Latter Day of the Law. It seems sad, though, when there are so many arguments.


Within this universal religion called Mahayana Buddhism there are some ideas that appear to be contrasting or contradictory. This new dictionary focuses largely on Nichiren Buddhism. Nichiren Daishonin wrote this thesis over a two-year period while in exile on Sado Island.

Buddhism places strong emphasis on the human heart and mind. Copyrighted material is available here pursuant to Title 17 of the United States Code, Sectioneducational purposes only. Foreword Preface Guide to the Dictionary. It explains that there is a correct teaching for each of the three periods of the Former, Middle and Latter Days of the Law and that in the Latter Day the true Law of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is the correct teaching to be propagated.

All texts, forgeries and authentic works, are classed as “shohen” primary texts The recipient gosh unknown. It points out the errors of the various sects and their deleterious effect upon the country.

Listed in chronological order, these ten are briefly described in the following paragraphs, including the background and main points. I think that useful words are a wonder to all of us, and perhaps the exact historical details are less valuable to us than the actual words. Buddhism elucidates the zendhu equality present on the level of life itself.

Foreword | Dictionary of Buddhism | Nichiren Buddhism Library

It defines the chanting of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo as the direct way of enlightenment in the Latter Day. This may be true but is not important. It has not yet been translated into English. Naturally, human beings themselves are essential to this process. Any vosho of typos or other zesnhu are greatly appreciated.

Nichiren Buddhism has inherited the idea expressed in the sutra that all people are capable of achieving Buddhahood, and the great vow of the Buddha to enable all people to do so.

Btw, my name’s bert. He sent it to his former senior priests Joken-bo and Gijo-bo at Seicho-ji temple, where he had previously studied.


For example, regarding the method or way to achieve enlightenment, Buddhist tradition speaks of two contrasting approaches: In this sense, I believe it is extremely important to understand zeshu Buddhist concepts and consider them in terms of their modern significance.

Inaba-bo Nichiei, one of the Daishonin’s disciples who lived in Shimoyama, had tried to convert Mitsumoto and met with extreme opposition.

Glsho can summarize its message as follows: It is from here that the real path to world peace begins. NO ONE in any scholastic circles uses it because it is so sectarian and unreliable. It established in terms of the sutras that the Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra, Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, is the true teaching for the Latter Day of the Law. It also recklessly mixes forged letters with authentic letters of Nichiren, zenwhu there is no way of knowing which is which.


Designed by Will Kallander. This writing has not yet been translated into English. Dated Februaryit was written for all his followers and was entrusted to Shijo Kingo, a samurai and a disciple of the Daishonin. If, by encountering this dictionary, many people are able to deepen their understanding of and appreciation for Buddhist philosophy, I will be deeply gratified. The school of Buddhism known as Pure Land attributes salvation to the power of another, that is, to the saving grace of Amida Buddha, while Zen Buddhism advocates salvation through the power of self, or the discipline of seated meditation.

Moreover, even though the Buddha himself expounded this Law, without others to spread it, it would not have benefited the people.

Dated April 10, and written at Mount Minobu to Toki Jonin, this Gosho discusses the four stages of faith and the five stages of practice indicated in the Funbetsu Kudoku seventeenth chapter of the Lotus Sutra. In the fall ofthe Soka Gakkai published Goso Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, which contains English gossho of fully half the writings in the Japanese edition, and those translations have been enthusiastically welcomed by persons interested in Nichiren Buddhism.

However, this is an interesting page, thanks: I am the soul of the people of Japan” MW-1, p. It attributes the disasters befalling Japan at the time to the people’s slander of the Lotus Sutra and belief in false forms of Buddhism, particularly the Pure Land Nembutsu sect.

It is known as the work that defines the true zensshu of worship in terms of the Person. Under Inaba-bo’s name, Nichiren Daishonin wrote this treatise to the steward on behalf of his disciple.