Title page of the wordbook for ‘Almira’, Handel’s first opera (c) Stiftung Händel- Haus, Halle. Libretto: Friedrich Christian Feustking after Giulio Pancieri. In early 18th-century Hamburg composer Reinhard Keiser was ruler of the operatic roost. But he did get one brief challenge, from a young visitor who went on to. Almira was written late in and first produced at the Goosemarket Theatre in Handel was asked to provide a new setting so that the scenes and costumes.

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Handel Almira

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This is unhappy news for Almira, whose zlmira belongs to her secretary Fernando, a youth of unknown origin.

Almira was a resounding success. Now nothing stands in the way of marriage between Almira and Fernando. Almira informs Fernando that he has been sentenced to death. It is a comic opera, full of complex court intrigues surrounding the love between Almira, Queen of Castile, and Fernando, her private secretary—a love that cannot be admitted by either of them, as Almira is contracted to marry a son of her old counsellor and Fernando is believed to be an orphan of lowly birth.

Tabarco hands a goodbye letter and a family heirloom, a ruby, from Fernando to Almira, and when Consalvo sees the ruby he realises that Fernando is his long lost son. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. His first opera — announced as a Singspiel although it has bandel spoken dialogue [1] — was premiered on 8 Januaryafter being composed in the months directly preceding this. The fictional story is set in medieval Valladolid. In fact Bellante is now smitten with Osman.

There are hwndel tenor roles no castratos in Hamburg!

George Frideric Handel Composer. The Viking Opera Guide. The action takes place at the palace of Almira, the Queen of Castille, in handdel Valladolid. The models were of course the Hamburg operas of the time, in particular those of Reinhard Keiser; indeed the Almira libretto is derived from a text by F.


On later occasions, he also played the harpsichord in the orchestra.

Osman, although in love with Edilia, thinks it will be grand to be a royal personage, so is keen to marry Almira, and asks Fernando, whom he knows has influence with Almira, to speak to her on his behalf. Das Libretto von Almira wurde von F.

The bored Osman makes his way to a party given by Bellante, the Princess of Aranda. Edilia gets wind of the fact that her sweetheart Osman is now keen to marry Almira and throws a jealous fit.

Almira, HWV 1 (Handel, George Frideric)

Ultimately, however, it has to be said that the musical level in this long work — not far short of four hours of music — is variable, more so than in the mature operas, because there is some trivial music here; and often the short phrases, with too many cadences, dissipate the almiira the hwndel promises to generate.

As with all of Handel’s operas, after going unperformed for many years, Almira is presented by opera houses and festivals today. George Frideric Handel At the end of it all, she marries the man whom she loves. So I would urge Handelians to give Almira a hearing.

The manuscript contains two overtures, the original in B flat being supplemented by a second in G minor. Mattheson, who also sang alkira the opera, having completed his role returned to the orchestra pit expecting to resume his place at the harpsichord for the remainder of the performance. The performance, based on a staging given in Bremen and Halle ingives a very fair idea of the work. It was first performed in Hamburg in January This page was last edited on 14 Augustat The libretto was intended for Keiser and actually set to music by him, habdel he seems to have been forced to leave Hamburg for a while before the opera could be produced.

Raymondo now tries to woo Edilia, but she is still in love with Osman. Gramophone products and hajdel of specially selected partners from the world of music.


Almira – Wikipedia

Gramophone’s expert reviews easier than ever before. Several have light accompaniment and then a full orchestral ritornello at the end, a type he occasionally used later. Princess Bellante once again rebuffs the unwelcome attentions of Consalvo.

When Consalvo sees the ruby, he realises that Fernando is his long-lost son. The all-time greats Read about the artists who changed the world handdel classical music. Where it is allowed to slow down one is sometimes reminded of the world of German Passion music.

The confused emotions and relations of the persons at her court, revolving around Almira herself as the principal figure, form the action of the opera. A servant of Fernando, called Tabarco, comes across correspondence from these various persons in these love tangles, and opens and reads all their letters.

The site is also available almmira several languages. But when he tells of his love for her, hhandel sets him free. Princess Bellante has fallen in love with Osman, but Osman’s father, Consalvo, is amorously hhandel Bellante, which she finds annoying and tries to put a stop to. Princess Almira has inherited the throne from her father and the opera opens with her coronation.

Needless to say, it is eventually revealed that he has the appropriate parentage and all ends well, but not before he has been condemned to death because Almira mistakenly believes he is having an affair with someone else. The opera was performed twenty times in total until its almiar was taken by Handel’s next opera, Nerothe music of which has not been preserved. The opera is scored for two traversos, two oboes, bassoon, three trumpets, timpani, strings and continuo cello, lute, harpsichord.