Swami Hariharananda Aranya is little known outside the close circle of his disciples. He did not care for public encomiums nor did he ever try to bring others to. Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali with Bhasvati by Hariharananda Aranya, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Results 1 – 9 of 9 Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Hariharananda-Aranya books online. Free delivery worldwide on over 19 million titles.

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Now then Yoga is being explained. In accordance with the Sanskrit Literary tradition here also the Lord is invoked for the success in yogic enterprise. When there is non-verbal awareness aeanya by the form of the gross object but as if devoid of its apprehension that “I know” and when the conceptualized memory too, harihzrananda is acquired pertaining the object through the science of word-convention and authority and reasoning, gets washed away, that engrossment samapatti is termed “nirvitarka”.

Though fundamentally Yoga Sutra has Samkhyan metaphysical foundation and it serves towards the realization of liberation as conceived by Samkhya but the practical efficaciousness of Yoga is not restricted to it only and that is the reason why Yoga has been accepted as Sadhana by the philosophies having different metaphysical foundations than Samkhya.

In this “samapatti” the object is the blend of mental constructs vikalpas with which the consciousness which is mastered or is one-pointed i.

To be more clear in these varieties of dhyana there is the contemplation on the object but the object is devoid of its linguistic aspects.

Swami Hariharananda Aranya – Kapil Math

Just as the lustrous gems inlaid in the golden crown of the king shine with their brightnesssimilarly the aphorisms of Patanjalifull of systematicness and reasoning, shine upon the commentary in the honorific consciousness of the discriminate discerner.

All these acts of ours, according to this system, necessitate the conceptual coming together of, the interaction between, altogether distinct principles – object and subject and this is termed as conjunction.

It will be duly acknowledged by us in the next edition of this Translation. The characteristic mark of “samapatti” is: The mutation of body and organs into those of one born in a different species Takes place through the filling in of their innate nature. Allied aticles on Samkhya-yoga philosophy and its practice included as Appendices. This haeiharananda the reason why in the initial stages of the practices in “samapatti” i.

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His last years were spent at Madhupur in Biharwhere according to tradition, Hariharananda entered an artificial cave at Kapil Math on 14 May and remained there in study and meditation for last twenty-one years of his life. Such a self-awareness that subsits, unaided by senses or mind, is said to witness all the modifications of citta and hence it is hariharanajda or the seer.


While explaining this Karika in Sarala Tika, Swam! Thus upon the foregoing discussion we come across following points: Therefore, the overcoming of these “antarayas” amounts to the accomplishment of the balanced stale of consciousness Samahitatawhich is said to be engendered through the recitation of Pranava. Now a question hzriharananda be raised whether the samapatti can be samapatti only when these cosmological scheme with four guna parvas are intuited?

That Asana having been perfected, regulation of the flow of inhalation and haribarananda is Pranayama breath control. We know the importance of Samkhya Karika.

The “seen” is blended with pleasure and pain and is full of knowledge of sound, smell etc. It is through the regular cultivation of friendliness etc. By renunciation of that Visoka attainment even, comes liberation on account of the destruction of the seeds of evil.

When the object of meditation only shines forth in the mind, as though devoid of the thought of even the self who is meditatingthen that state is called Samadha or concentration. It is a well known fact that Yoga Sutra of Patanjali is one such sutra text in orthodox system of Indian Philosophy which has been commented by maximum number of commentators.

Ahimsa non-injurySatya truthAsteya abstention from stealingBrahmacharya continence and Aparigraha abstinence from avariciousness are the five Hariharajanda forms of restraint. Again, the hatred haroharananda nothing but the painful memory of previously experienced pain see Y.

Swami Hariharananda Aranya – Wikipedia

The Kapila Math, where he spent his last years and where his students led a simple life devoted to meditation, is still a place only for the most sincere students of Sankhya Yoga. Emotions in Asian Thought.


Samapatti as understood here is hariharanana process of knowing rather realization or being aware of the nature of higher realities.

Over and above these, there is purusa or Consciousness. We tried to get the copy of the same but could not get it. Yoga Karika of Swami Hariharananda Aranya. Of these Perception, inference and testimony verbal communication constitutethe Pramanas. By practising Samyama On the trachea, hunger and thirst can be subdued.

What happens in such a Highest state of knowledge which is also equated with the state of highest level of dispassion – is picturesquely described by Hariharananda Aranya in the Karika Y. Karma is either fast or slow in fructifying. The Lord is the unique purusa who is never touched by afflictions avidya- asmita-raga-dvesa-abhini vefiaactions, Sukla-krsna-suklakrsna and their results jati-ayu-bhoga subliminal impressions, by pain and pleasure etc.

Samiti especially, to whom we remain ever indebted for his contribution and concern for the Department and Institute as a whole. A RIKA the ” visoka”, iti: In this science the term citta vrtti solely denotes a state of knowledge. Knowledge prakhyarupa is the sole characteristic of the principle of citta i. The vrttis transformations of consciousness are nothing but pratyayas For both the object and the experiencing consciousness, which are the manifestations of prakrti, undergo a constant transformation or change.

For the sake of steadiness of the consciousness other “means” are being stated. I farhrt ttmHn r m ff? Supernormal Powers Book IV. Part of a series on. In the process of downfall, it is the voluntary actions of man that are mainly responsible.

There is still higher grade of dispassion termed as “para”. However the purusa in whom is observed the unsurpassability and who is neither equal nor surpassable is said to be the great Tsvara. The word meaning that has been provided are not the dictionary meaning of the words but the meaning has been given with reference to context.

In order to make a distinction between these two states an example of crystal and the China rose is given.