Note: You cannot delete an entity if the selected object is part of a construction history. If you press Delete, the entire object is canceled. If the object is not a part . Navigation: HyperWorks Release Notes > Finite Element Meshing and Modeling >. HyperMesh Release Notes. Previous page Next page Print this . HyperWorks includes a new tool, ANSYS Contact Manager, which provides an option to automatically create surface-to-surface contacts. Several changes.

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The Auto Contact browser appears in the Utility menu. You can now convert shapes to enforced displacements and vice-versa. Previously, point load applied on nodes rotated to local systems was not properly handled. New and improved Model Browser.

ANSYS solver does not support any formula for sets. NX and NX2 readers have been removed. Bolt connectors can now realize to solid elements and will attach every node within the solid hole. Hypermsh using free lines. New API commands to calculate the physical properties of solid geometry. Morph constraints and morph volumes are now available from the renumber panel.

HyperWorks Product Updates

These features can be treated separately from the rest of the model, for example you can have a very specific mesh criteria whereas the rest of the model can have a more relaxed mesh criteria where the feature capture is less critical.

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Finding entities and their related properties via graphic selection is very quick and efficient allowing for further editing and querying control of entities.

Element types, components, materials, property used, and pilot node name [if used] are listed for each pair. As a result, the robustness, performance, and quality of meshed output has significantly improved when comparing the same feature in previous releases of HyperMesh.

Available Product Updates

Major benefits of the block format are:. Show and reverse normal is also possible at any time. New API commands have been added to calculate the physical properties of solid geometry volume, center of gravity, moments of inertia, mass.

A new 3D graphical representation has been introduced for all noets 1D elements. The adhesive parameters such as the width, thickness, and number of strips along the width and thickness can all be defined during realization. The performance for ShrinkWrap has also improved. The performance of solid geometry import for the CAD readers that import solid entities has been improved.

HyperWorks Release Notes > Finite Element Meshing and Modeling > HyperMesh Release Notes

Only constant beam section and thickness elements are hypemresh. New option to read tags as metadata. Support for mesh under surface difference in order to morph from surface-to-mesh, mesh-to-surface, and mesh-to-mesh has been added. You can swap contacts and targets, and add and delete elements in a contact pair.


A search for the property script now occurs in the directory from which the feconfig. Altair HyperMesh is a high-performance finite element pre-processor that provides a highly interactive and visual environment to analyze product design performance.

See Model Browser for a complete explanation of the Model Browser. While interactively morphing on a plane, the plane can be inferred using the selected handles. The element quality index can now be plotted using colors and legends. Tangency can be applied among multiple morph volumes rather than edge-by-edge.

The boundary layer thickness of the resulting mesh is closer to the user-defined target than in previous releases. An option for mesh stretching around 1D domains and connectors solved as clusters has been added. This format has been implemented for elements, sets, and properties.

You can now map morph volume edge to line, surface, mesh, and equation map to geom. Updates to Fix 2nd Order MidNodes utility. You can interpolate surface function for mapping a mesh to, or creating a mesh through, a surface interpolated from nodes or lines. The ability to apply translate, position, and reflect shapes to selected nodes has been added.