IBM 7014-T42 PDF

The T00, T42, and racks can be extremely heavy when several drawers are present. The following table shows the necessary weight distribution distances for the T00, T42, and racks when loaded. The following table shows the necessary floor loading for. Learn about the supported feature codes that are available for T00, T42 and racks. Hardware specifications provide detailed information for your rack, including dimensions, electrical, power, temperature, environment, and.

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These platforms provide the power to create change and the flexibility to manage it, with thousands of applications that provide real value. Both Power Cord Specify – Chicago 1.

7014-T42 IBM Rack Model T42

As maintenance activities require access at both the front and the back, extra room is needed. The maximums listed below refer to the largest quantity of these two possibilities. Either feature may be installed on a T42 rack, unless the rack contains a or MMA system. See feature EPTH for horizontal mounting hardware. Caster and leveler locations. FC acoustic doors, front and rear. Features – No charge. The door is steel and has an extensive perforation pattern that allows ventilation and some visibility into the rack.


PDU power cable Attributes required: Rack specifications provide detailed information for your rack, including dimensions, electrical, power, temperature, bim, and service clearances.

T00, T42, and rack weight distribution and floor loading

One feature EPAF is obm used in place of the one no-charge “base” feature code typically included with a T00 or T42 rack. Model T42, B42, and rack Hardware specifications provide detailed information for your rack, including dimensions, electrical, power, temperature, environment, and service clearances.

Planning for the installation of rear door heat exchangers. Please check with your Marketing Representative for additional information. Does not apply – Minute Indicator Administrative indicator used to enable configuration of orders with a total quantity greater than thirty to be processed. Does not apply Return parts MES: It also includes two sliding bars that mount inside the left and right rack side panels. Tue, June 17, Two RJ45 ports on the front of the PDU enable the client to monitor each receptacle’s electrical power usage and to remotely switch any receptacle on or off.

This PDU requires 3-phase electrical service.

Rack with standard rear door only. As additional features are announced, supported, or withdrawn, this list will be updated. FC high end appearance front door. Rack with FC high perforation front door and standard rear door. The trim pieces cover the space between each rack for an enhanced appearance and for additional protection of the equipment inside the racks. Dimensions without covers, units are mm with inches in parentheses. Figure 1 provides the caster and leveler locations for T00 and T42 racks.


Planning for the T00 and T42 racks

Second 3 will be mounted horizontally in the rear of the rack, and will occupy 1U of rack space for each PDU. There is room for up to 4 PDU’s without using any of the rack’s 42U capacity.

The PDU is mounted on the rear of the rack making the nine C19 receptacles easily accessible. Send feedback Rate this page Last updated: If is not on the initial rack order, component placement within the rack will be determined by IBM.

A specify code is not required.

Power source loading maximum in kVa 2. Front Door Attributes required: Front trim kit Attributes required: Front door Attributes required: This feature is plant orderable only and can not be 70144-t42 as an MES order. They are painted to match the overall rack color and designed to present an attractive, finished appearance. EGT5 Specify Attributes required: