From to and from to MOMU made excavations in the area around the river valley of Illerup Ådal, south of Aarhus. Here they discovered. Illerup Adal 11 and 12 (2 vols) by Marcin Biborski, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. One of the greatest accumulated finds of Roman military equipment ever has occurred in Denmark in the Illerup Adal near the town of Skanderborg. It was in this.

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It was in this valley in the second century AD that warriors from Jutland placed as a sacrificial thanks for their victory, the weaponry of their defeated enemies. This mass murder, in line with the quaint old customs of the time “vae victis”; woe to the vanquished ones took place around 50 AD, long before the first known weapon sacrifice.

The general understanding of these sacrificial weapons is that they were spoils of war and was thrown into the lake as an offering to the gods, but before the weapons was thrown in they were bent, broken or in other ways vandalised. The Maussolleion at Halikarnassos Kristian Jeppesen. Illerup Adal, Volumes Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions Books and Other Major Sources.

It appears that the mostly young men came from Norway and were killed on the battle field, left to rot for a while, with the remains eventually “sacrificed”, i.

Multivariate Archaeology Torsten Madsen. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

Illerup Adal: Die Lanzen und Speere [Hardback]

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Museums in Athens and Olympia. Not to mention the Grauballe Man, who is one of the best preserved bog bodies in the world.


Perhaps they were spoils of war gathered by the Germanic tribes during their border skirmishes along the northern flanks of the Roman Empire? The link leads to the critical museum guide where you can read in detail why I liked that museum a lot but was not always happy about details. We need to wait for what else will come up, and how this new discovery illerhp change the present viewpoint about Danish bog sacrifices. Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus; Denmark.

Theoderic’s “Thank You” letter. Besides weapons, we have gold, silver, spear shafts, shield boards, ropes, cords, leather, textiles tools, wooden vessels, spoons, illefup, four horses and a cow. Partially mixed up with place A Place C: The picture below gives a taste treat.

The three places have some special characteristics: Illefup C3 – D1, i. All over the bog. Written Sources and Their Archaeological Background v.

Illerup Ådal – Wikipedia

Maybe the proto Vikings there felt the urge for a bit of adventure every now and then and went on boat trips to their southern neighbors, sometimes without return ticket.

We can notify you when this item is back in stock. A first systematic dig took place in ; artifacts were discovered in an area of about m 2. Tybrind Vig Soren H. To ensure preservation of the area still holding many findings, the location has been granted a protected area status in Nydam Mose Flemming Rieck. A lot more bones are waiting for discovery up to men is the guess.

It is generally agreed, that the findings are enemy equipment captured after victories, and then thrown into the lake, as a votive offering to the gods.

Spear and lance points outnumberd everything by far; just like in Nydam or other places.


This is also where the Roman Empire blossoms and demises. The area was subsequently excavated from till and again in The skeletal remains of hundreds of Iron Age warriors were found in andduring a large scale archaeological excavation carried illerhp as project work by illeru of Aarhus University in what was likely a lake bed when the remains were placed there about 2, years ago.

Between – an area of about The main theme is the relationship between the Roman Empire and Northern Europe, which the sword material indeed exemplifies – the blades being afal of Roman manufacture, while the handles and sheaths are of mixed origin. Large Pictures 2 – Chapter Here is what they look like:. Multivariate Archaeology Torsten Madsen. The conditions were excellent – a lot of artifacts including swords in near perfect conditions were found.

The area covers 40 ha and although the events behind the macabre scene are unclear at the moment, many of the dead are believed to be warriors, adao sacrificed prisoners of the wars at the time.

Illerup Adal, Volumes : Claus Von Carnap-Bornheim :

Excavations lasting many years resulted in more than 15, items being found. The dig has produced a large quantity of skeletal remains, and we believe that they will give us the answers to some of our questions about what kind of events led up to the army ending up here.

East of place C. Description One of the greatest accumulated finds of Roman military equipment ever has occurred in Denmark in the Illerup Adal near the town of Skanderborg.