Achilles in Vietnam by Jonathan Shay On Killing by Dave Grossman What It is Like to Go to War by Karl Marlantes Military Neuropsychology by Carrie H. Dive deep into Jonathan Shay’s Achilles in Vietnam with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. Jonathan Shay’s Achilles in Vietnam and Odysseus in. America. Richard Blucher, Department of International Studies, The Norwegian Military Academy, PO Box.

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The modern soldier who does the same commits the gravest military crime. Equipment failure is not new in modern warfare. In doing this, Achilles forces him to do what a pious and prudent man would have done of his own accord. Lexington Books Inc Condition: The officers of World War II had a different culture, which focused on the substance of their work rather than on the institutional definition and status of their jobs, as in Vietnam.

It is not the unusual quality of Achilles’ menis which makes him, and not someone else, the subject of Homer’s epic. The author is a classicist, who is very familiar with Homer’s Iliad dealing with the Trojan wars, an a psychiatrist who has had extensive experience dealing with Vietnam veterans who suffer from chronic combat related ptsd, as I do.

It should be interesting to note that when a general actually joins the troops and leads the troops as opposed to directing the troops from a bunker behind the lines, or even thousands of miles away the effectiveness of the army actually increases, and we only need to look at Napoleon’s successes to be able to see that. May 20, Janell Rhiannon rated it it was amazing.

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Very eye opening for me.

Jonathan Shay – Wikipedia

At the time of the deaths, victory has not yet been achieved, so the corpses’ meaning hovers in the void until the lethal contest has been decided.

Shay examines the acnilles devastation of war by comparing the soldiers of Homer’s Iliad with Vietnam veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

This is a somewhat difficult book to review, but I would go so far as to say this is an absolute must-read for understanding combat trauma. When men started to collapse from dehydration in the heat, an officer’s plea for emergency resupply was heeded: I’d never get out of there alive. May 12, Thomas rated it it was amazing Shelves: When you are on the floor, you may be exposed to direct customer contact, and in some positions that can be really draining.

Since it’s not a novel, they don’t arc, but it was an impressive jonathhan attachment all the same. What got us thoroughly fucking confused is, at that time you turn to the team and you say to the team, “Don’t worry about it. Views Read Edit View history.

Achilles in Vietnam | Book by Jonathan Shay | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

In Vietnam men were not able, as Achilles was, to withdraw physically from combat. It was better to fight Communism there in Vietnam than in voetnam own back yard.

Contains some markings such as highlighting and writing. The role of the police is to protect the order of society and to thoroughly investigate crimes to make sure that the real perpetrator is arrested.

Since I have not been in combat, this is not what I expected to hear about, and I have learned much.

Achilles in Vietnam

But he finds encouragement in the fact that Homer shows us military and social practices which are better for the emotional health of soldiers than our own have been, and offers suggestions for the prevention of future PTSD, even if we cannot, as he would prefer, eliminate war altogether. Shay writes, “For years I have agitated against the diagnostic jargon ‘ Posttraumatic stress achills ‘ because transparently we are dealing with an injurynot an illness, malady, diseasesickness, or disorder.


Jan 29, Tim rated it it was amazing Shelves: Shay introduced the concept of “Moral injury” and recommended treatment strategies for it in his two books. My interest here is in the soldiers’ experiences and not in jonarhan larger historical question of whether they were “sold out” jonatha the politicians some-how brought under the spell of such still-hated figures as Jane Fonda.

Jonathan Shay brings a different perspective to bear on Homer and shows us that the wrath of Achilles is, unfortunately, all too familiar to contemporary existence.

I seen this NVA soldier at a distance. It helped me to understand what our guys go through in war today as well, and I am really curious about this now because of my job.

Finding a way to manage the emotional consequences of combat experience was a matter of simple communal survival, and denial of moral breakdown more difficult for people constantly surrounded by jonayhan. So you know in your heart it’s wrong, but at the time, here’s your superiors telling you that it was okay.