KS datasheet, KS pdf, KS data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Samsung 16COM / 40SEG DRIVER & CONTROLLER FOR DOT MATRIX LCD. Dot Matrix LCD Controller/Driver. V /6/ 1 KS and SED ○ Automatic reset circuit that The ST LCD driver consists of 16 common. Your LCD controller obviously has the correct power applied otherwise you would see smoke instead of blocks. Your backlight also appears to.

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Debug breakpoints automatically disabled 16F88 cannot set internal oscillator frequency beyond ks0066 Try disconnecting both backlight wires and see if you can discern anything on the display when you run your sketch. The LiquidCrystal library isn’t totally correct either and that could possibly be your problem, but it’s not likely.

It’s got to be something simple that we are overlooking.

HD vs. KS — Parallax Forums

I checked the other pins by using the “diode” test of my multimeter one Pin to the soldered Pin, the other to the board. The new lib supports several ways of connecting with mbed: But I am able to adjust the contrast and contrroller already all “positions”: I have no idea why this could be though because I’ve done everything they told me to.


Essentials Only Full Version. I already checked the soldering before I started vontroller the arduino. I now found out, that the display hasn’t the HD Chip but an other which is almost the same.

Any help with LCD driver KS0066/S6A0069?

You should have had two rows of blocks on a 20×4 display. I also tried this code to bar a mistake of the lcd library: I read of some Problems if the contrast isn’t adjusted properly. Last commit 06 Nov by Wim Huiskamp.

Forum Ks0066 Elegant Mobile. I’m still thinking about it. We are back to this “The reversed backlight connections that seem to work OK still bother me as well. I don’t know what happened to all the other LCD guru’s.

The code you referenced is another example of this, and ke0066 worse than most. It almost has to be something to do with one or more of the six data lines between the Arduino and the LCD. Fixed memoryaddress confusion in address method. Guest Super Member Total Posts: Here is some C code that works with C18 compiler and 18f chip.

HD44780 and compatible Text LCD controllers (4bit, I2C or SPI I/F)

Pin 16 wasn’t soldered that good, so I wired it again. I only changed the 16, 2 to 20, 4. If anyone has ever worked with this, please help me so I can get out of here it’s friday night for God’s sake.


What else can I try to fix this damn problem? See the full wiki syntax in new window. By using the Potentiometer, I kan vary the k0066 of the blocks from very dark to very light. Doesn’t matter which one, I would appreciated it if you posted both.

Close Start new topic Preview of your unsaved post: But the good news stops there, for me anyways I’m sure you’re smarter than me because Controler been trying to get the thing to work for the past 48 hours 14 of which was continuous, starting this morning and it doesn’t want to work.

Please, contact us at support mbed.

Problem: Arduino & LCD with KS / SPLC

I hope it helps you. You do not have the correct permissions to perform this operation. This is the code I used.