Kyosho, the world’s finest radio-control models. Pilot your own helicopter. Race a Formula 1 champion. Streak across the waves in a powerful deep vee. With. Kyosho Corporation is a model car company based in Tokyo, Japan. The brand operates internationally under the name KYOSHO. The company’s main office is . View and download Kyosho Catalogue pdf on DocDroid.

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Kyosho Catalogue 2016-2017.pdf

The bodies were vacuum molded, a totally new innovation in RC cars at the time. No returns sold as is. PN Racing Motor adjustable motor mount can use different length bodies.

The “Turbo Scorpion” was also kataalog from the Scorpion. Category Conley PrecisionEngines Tags: For racing vehicles, the brand tends to adhere to whichever scale is preferred for competition, such as 1: The “Tomahawk” uses the same suspension as the Scorpion, but its layout was completely made over. Category GraupnerKyosho Tags: Got one to sell?

The legendary Kyosho Scorpion is credited with taking the racing buggy category into the realm of pure motorsports. The body is mounted to a display-only chassis and includes the correct wheels, display tires and the front body mount needed to attach it to a Kyosho Mini-Z chassis.

Kyosho started selling the DASH 1 inaccepted widely in the industry [ by whom?


Kyosho offers a wide array of scale replicas and car makers. Herewith you find many pictures of Races in the Netherlands from the s. Katalo parts catalog is diverse and includes:.

Many parts from the suspension are in aluminium, the car has oil shocks and a clutch brake. This brand makes RC vehicles across a wide range of scales. This car is one of the oldest of the Picco models manufactured circa Slicks Off-road Short course Content provided for informational purposes only. Due to the nature of the hobby, no returns will be accepted. Pictures of a very rare Delta P4. Even after 30 years since it was first released aktalogthe indelible mark of the Scorpion still exists with its many fans around the world.

Menus & Links – RC Catalog – KYOSHO RC

Also added Tomahawk mini bumper and Turbo Scorpion wing mount. Also available as Kyosho Kit No. The Inferno NEO 3. The plastic mech box was changed to a double-deck mech plate, allowing its weight to decrease to 1,g. Buggy has Exotek steeing bell crank upgrade. Kyosho mini infernoBrushless- 3 Cell. This truck includes the well-known Kyosho solid axles introduced more than 15 years ago. The brand makes electric vehicles that are battery-powered, move via a brushless motor, and are steered via a radio controller.

Ferrari Testarossa Red 1: Has the old GS11X engine!


It came with a couple of different body types. This gallery covers the JPG files of the decals. The frame was that of the Alpine A The brand also makes a broad range of accessories, including brushless motors and electronic speed controllers or ESCs. Proline front and rear tires and Kyosho chassis protectors kqtalog included. The cars kosho frame and rear design were passed on to the Scorpion. This model was sold for 19, yen at the time.


The Mini-Z series is just 1: PN racing damper kit.

What you see in the pictures is what you will receive. In Kyosho presented a new model using the Scorpion name: Also the enclosed Popular Mechanics Magazine article might give some more detail on them.

Front shock silver 2nd generation like for the wining car at 83 Worlds. Ykosho included are a temperature gauge, VoltWatch and a custom radio box with a switch.

Everything in the PICs is what you get. Prices found on auction sites for complete kit or spare parts do confirm this interest. What you see in ktalog photos is what you will be receiving so please review the photos carefully.