The General in Chief of the Liberation Army of the South: Emiliano Zapata ( original Zapatista manifesto in nahuatl) TO THE PEOPLE OF. Lacondon Jungle December 31, TODAY WE SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! TO THE PEOPLE OF MEXICO: MEXICAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS. The Zapatista Army of National Liberation often referred to as the Zapatistas [ sapa╦łtistas], is a far-left libertarian-socialist political and militant group that controls.

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We will always live. This project must still be created and it will correspond, not to a homogeneous political force or to the geniality of an individual, but to a broad opposition movement capable of gathering the sentiments of the nation.

Zapatista Declaration

These political crimes have no solution because they are committed by those who are supposed to prosecute; the economic crisis makes corruption even more prevalent in government spheres. They expected 1, een activists to attend the event, titled the Little School of Liberty. In this meeting, Subcomandante Marcos requested official adherence of the organizations to the Sixth Declaration, and detailed a six-month tour of the Zapatistas through all 31 Mexican states to occur concurrently with the electoral campaign starting Manufiesto The Zapatistas’ main body is made up of mostly rural indigenous peoplebut it includes some supporters in urban areas and internationally.

The National Action Party, nahuahl most faithfulally of Salinas de Gortari, began to demonstrate its real possibilities of replacing the Institutional Revolutionary Party PRI in the summit of political power and demonstrate its repressive, intolerant and reactionary nature.

We must continue to struggle and not rest until the land is our own, property of the people, of our grandfathers, and that the toes of those who have paws of rocks which have crushed us to the shadow of those who loom over us, who command us; that together we raise with the strength of our heart and our hand held high that beautiful banner of the dignity and freedom of we who work the land.

The EZLN received little press coverage during this time, although it continued to develop the local governments it had created earlier. Zapata is alive, and in spite of everything, the struggle continues. Over the years, the group slowly grew, building on social relations among the indigenous base and making use of an organizational infrastructure created by peasant organizations and the Catholic church see Liberation theology.


The image of the ignorant Indian, pusillanimous and ridiculous, the image which the Powerful had decreed for national consumption, was shattered, and the indigenous pride and dignity returned to history in order to take the place it deserves: Our fight is for the land, and the bad government gives us cementaries.

Zapatista Army of National Liberation

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Over the last 20 years, Chiapas is said to have emerged as a formidable force against the Mexican government, zspatista against structural violence and social and economic marginalization brought on by globalization. The declaration ends with an exhortation for all who have more respect for nanuatl than for money to join with the Zapatistas in the struggle for social justice both in Mexico and abroad.

El Despertador Mexicano Declaration of War. Neozapatismo Anti-imperialism Anti-capitalism Alter-globalization Libertarian socialism Anarcha-feminism Radical democracy.


But the rebellion which now has a dark face and an indigenous language was not born today. The powerful came to extinguish us with its violent wind, but our light grew in other lights.

An early example of the Zapatistas’ effective use of the postcolonial gaze was their use of organizations like the United Nations Economic and Social Council ECOSOC to raise of awareness for their rebellion and indigenous rights, what critics described as the Mexican government’s lack of respect for the country’s impoverished and marginalized populations.

The ideology of the Zapatista movement, Neozapatismosynthesizes Mayan tradition with elements of libertarian socialismanarchism[32] [33] and Marxism. Making a strong position against the February 9 actions against Peace, Moctezumadefender of a political solution, submitted his resignation to President Zedillo, but the Zedillo nahustl to accept it.

Never before in the history of the world ej the nation had a peaceful civil society dialogued with a clandestine and armed group. Accordingly, the EZLN had decided to unite with the “workers, farmers, students, teachers, and employees Our fight is for justice and the bad government is full of criminals and murderers. Retrieved from ” https: In the world we want everyone fits.

A political force which does not struggle to take political power but for a democracy where those who govern, govern by obeying. Our struggle is for life and the bad government offers death as a future. These were our banners during the dawn of Retrieved 15 November In summary, was characterized by the definition of two national projects completely different and contradictory. What does Manifiesto Zapatista mean in english? They are the same ones who opposed Hidalgo and Morelos, the same ones who betrayed Vincente Guerrero, the same ones who sold half our country to the foreign invader, the same ones who imported a European prince to rule our country, the same ones who formed the “scientific” Porfirista dictatorship, the same ones who opposed the Petroleum Expropriation, the same ones who massacred the railroad workers in and the students inthe same ones who today take everything from us, absolutely everything.

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Our fight is for peace, and the bad government announces war and destruction. An order to retreat allowed the Zapatista forces to conserve their military power, their moral authority, and their political force and historic reason which is the principal weapon against crime made government. The pseudonymous Subcommandante Marcos is widely considered its leader despite his claims that the group has no single leader.

We, the men and women, full and free, are conscious that the war that we have declared is our last resort, but also a just one. The Zapatista war is only a part of that great war which is the struggle between a history which aspires for a future and an amnesia which has foreign vocation.

This event also saw the famed and enigmatic unofficial spokesperson of the Zapatistas, Subcomandante Marcos, announce that he would be zapatisra down, [45] which symbolized a shift in the EZLN to completely Indigenous leadership.

Zapatista Manifesto in N? Find any song lyrics translated into English, Spanish, French and other languages!

When the homeland speaks its indian heart, it will have dignity and memory. The Zapatistas consider the contemporary political system of Mexico inherently flawed due to what they consider its purely representative nature and its disconnection from the people and their needs.