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They point to the reality of what has already occurred and continues to occur. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

Dajjal: The Anti Christ

Even the individual concern or the small business is highly regulated in what it mayor may not do. This necessitates more office space and creates more jobs for the tax collectors, It means people have to work harder to maintain their spending capacity. It must be remembered that it is the systems and structures which are being examined, and not necessarily the people in them.

The disc of the sun was just about to begin to disappear behind a wall. Naturally the fines collected in the courts do not provide a sufficiently large income thomxon pay for all these buildings to be erected and to supply the people working in them with a decent salaryAccordingly additional taxes have to be levied. Allah says in Anticjrist that the person who is asked about the end of the world, that is the Hour, knows as much about it as the person who asks the question.

Ahmad Thomson – Sistem Dajjal : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Read more Read less. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Yasmin Nur Habibah rated it it was amazing Jun 08, Dajjal is usually referred to as the Antichrist in these prophecies and the commentaries on them. Compared with the situation a hundred years ago, the degree of surveillance and control exercised by the rulers over the ruled is staggering.

They do not eat or sleep or procreate. Reading is not the same as seeing. Kufr is at war with Islam.

In order to understand how the interlink operates, it is necessary to look at some of the more influential systems more closely. Since this pattern of worship was not the same as that which was embodied by Jesus and his followers, it follows that it tuomson not, and can not and never will, affirm the true nature of existence or lead to direct knowledge of Allah.


In Reality of course every single atom is in its place and the overall harmony of existence eloquently proclaims the majesty and beauty of the Bringer into Existence and the Bringer out of Existence and the Only Existent, Allah.

Jan 19, Tamira rated it really liked it. Accordingly they daajjal given selected information during their so called education and by the media, and not real knowledge. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. The prophet said that the time between their sitting there that afternoon and the end of the world, was as short as the distance between the disc of the sun and the top of the wall at that moment.

Refresh and try again. Prophecies relating to the Dajjal are to be found, for example, in the bible in the Book of Revelations by John, and in the writings of Nostrodamus. Great book about the Antichrist. The sign that this possession has taken place is that you hte large numbers or groups of people all acting as one body, apparently possessing no individual identity.

The prophet Muhammad did say however, may the blessings and peace of Allah be on him, that knowledge is the lost property of the mumin, who may pick it up wherever he or she finds it.

Di Indonesia, buku ini di terjemahkan dengan judul “Sistem Dajjal” Membaca buku ini, membuat saya mengerti tentang kondisi dunia hari ini, betapa sistem htomson telah mencengkaram dunia sedemikian rupa. The working population is enmeshed in a bureaucratic system of organised anarchy, in which their attention has been concentrated on their daily bread.

The dxjjal aspects of Dajjal are in fact interlinked and indivisible.

It treats people as a necessary, yet expendable, part of the consumer producer process. Tbe his book, ”The Next World Order,” Thomson a convert to Islam claimed that the Holocaust is a ”big lie” and that the presence of US soldiers in Saudi Arabia is especially outrageous because many of them are Jewish. The jinn are made of smokeless fire. The kaffir educational establishments are themselves like factories, only the end product is not thd a product, but a person who will help to make products either directly by working in the factories, or indirectly by managing the factories or by working in one of the interlinking sub systems which ensure that the final product can be successfully advertised, distributed, sold and consumed.


The kaffir has to antichtist ruthless to become a millionaire, whilst the muslim has to be generous to achieve the same object. Those who dajjjal real knowledge, and share it, do not charge money for it, because they know that it is not their knowledge to sell, and because they know that their knowledge is a gift from Allah which has only been given to them because they wanted it and Allah wanted it, not because they could pay for it.

Showing thomso 3 reviews. The individual who has a good work record and a job waiting for him or her is usually dealt with more leniently in the kaffir courts of so dxjjal justice. Clearly, if the writings of John and Nostrodamus ahmax by way of, or were influenced by, bad or mischievous jinn, then they are not entirely reliable, since, as is the case with many of the jinn who are the familiars of those who practice magic, or who communicate with mediums, for every truth that is told, several half truths and outright lies are also added.

There are still many Muslims who today follow the same pattern of life as that which was followed by the prophet Muhammad and the first Muslim community which formed around him.

Dajjal: the AntiChrist (Ahmad Thomson)

The prophet Muhammad said that the muslims are one body. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. It has already been stated that the kaffir zntichrist, that is the Dajjal system, is formed of interlinking systems.