with AIA Document A™–, General Conditions of the Contract for Construction. .. AIA Document B– divides the architect’s services into. Description. Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect for Architectural Interior Design Services. Related products. A – (formerly A B– (formerly BID–) Standard form of agreement between owner and architect for architectural interior design services AIA Document.

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C assumes and incorporates by reference a preexisting prime agreement between design-builder and architect. Though not a party to the contract for construction between owner and contractor, the architect participates in the preparation of the contract documents and performs construction phase duties and responsibilities described in detail in the general conditions. B— is not intended for use on residential projects that will include a residential condominium unless specifically set forth in the initial information.

Basic services are based on five phases: The construction manager provides the owner with a guaranteed maximum price proposal, which the owner may accept, reject, or negotiate. Basic services are performed in five phases: If the architect finds that the work is substantially complete, the form is prepared for ais by the contractor and the owner, and the list of items to be completed or corrected ala attached. AIA Document C— provides the framework for a collaborative environment in which the company operates in furtherance of cost and performance goals that the members jointly establish.

E defines the extent to which model users may rely on model content, clarifies model ownership, sets forth BIM standards and file formats, aai provides the scope of responsibility for model management from the beginning to the end of the project. Some provisions, such as a limitation of liability clause, further define or limit the scope of services and responsibilities.

Though written primarily to support a project using integrated project delivery IPDE may aoa be used on projects delivered by more traditional methods. This highly collaborative process has the potential to result in a high quality project for the owner, and substantial monetary and intangible rewards for the other members.


In consultation with the architect, the owner establishes the parameters of service required and evaluates submissions based on criteria such as time, cost, and overall responsiveness to the terms iaa forth in the request v152 proposal. A— contains its own terms and conditions.

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AIA Document A— is for use on a project that is modest in size and brief in duration, and where payment to the contractor is aa on a stipulated sum fixed price. A— with its attached exhibits forms the nucleus of the design-build contract. Technical Support is available Monday through Friday, from 8: Both the architect and the construction manager must certify the payment amount. AIA C allows one party to 1 grant another party a limited non-exclusive license to use digital data on a specific project, 2 set forth procedures for transmitting the digital data, and 3 place restrictions on the license b12.

Modifications to G— are shown as tracked changes revisions—that is, additional material is underlined; deleted material is crossed out.

AIA B-Series: Owner/Architect Agreements

Neither the request nor the response received provides authorization for work that increases the cost or time of the project. It is intended to help the architect perform its services with respect to minor changes not involving adjustment in the contract sum or contract time.

It provides model language with explanatory b1552 to assist users in adapting AIA Document B— for use on condominium projects. Its use can expedite payment and reduce the possibility of error. AIA Documents A— and A— should only be employed on projects where the construction manager is serving in the capacity of adviser to the owner and not in situations where the construction manager is also the constructor CMc document-based relationships.

C— is coordinated with C— in b125 to implement the principles of integrated project delivery, including the accomplishment of mutually-agreed goals. AIA Contract Documents now offers several ways to access over industry standard agreements and forms.


Unauthorized reproduction, display or distribution of an AIA Contract Document, or any portion of it, may result in serve civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law. Please email Hasti Hejazi at hastihejazi aia.

Ai Document G— is particularly useful aja a single point of reference when parties interested in the project call for information during the bidding process. Walk-in customers are encouraged to call in advance. A not only establishes the duties of the owner, architect and contractor, but also sets forth in detail how they will work together through each phase of the project: This scope provides a menu of choices of regional or urban planning services, grouped under four phases: AIA Document is coordinated with AIA Document C— in order to aua the principles of integrated project delivery, including the accomplishment of mutually-agreed goals.

A—, as a standard form document, cannot cover all the particulars of a project. C— is intended to be a flexible document. Contains a compressed form of basic services with three phases — design development, construction documents, and construction.

Because subcontractors are often required to provide professional services on a design-build project, A provides for that possibility. AIA Document G— breaks the contract sum into portions of the work in accordance with a schedule of values prepared by the contractor as required by the general conditions. Copyright Law and International Treaties. B is extremely abbreviated and is formatted more informally than other AIA agreements.

Information compiled in AIA Document G— can support planning for similar projects and answer questions pertaining to past work. A standard form of agreement between the owner and architect for design services related to Furniture, Furnishings, and Equipment. AIA Document B— was developed with the assistance of several federal agencies and contains terms and conditions that are unique to federally funded or federally insured projects.