Apple Polisher (Rear Entrance Video Book 1) – Kindle edition by Heidi Belleau. Romance Kindle eBooks @ This straight-A student has a dirty little secret. Christian Blake dreams of being a kindergarten teacher, but making the grade means maintaining a squeaky clean . A Rear Entrance Video Novel This straight-A student has a dirty little secret. Christian Blake dreams of being a kindergarten teacher, but making the grade.

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He equates his gayness with other “moral” character infractions that could affect his schooling. Christian has no time for relationships, fuck buddies or whatnot. He could do this, wash his hands of it literally and figuratively, umand forget about it. Even the clothes on his back.

His life is a fustercluck when Apple Polisher begins, and it only proceeds to get more so as the story progresses. When it came to the ties argument, she and Max would definitely be on the same side.

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Heidi Bflleau blew my mind with that If you are looking for a fun, hot read look no further. Instead of letting off steam, though, it just leaves him craving more, more, more, and suddenly, Austin finds himself at Mischievous Pictures Studios for an audition.


Hridi was always expecting bad news. The thing is, Christian doesn’t really look into how his sexual preferences will affect things. Namely, Max, hot roommate, possibly a drug dealer, blowing hot and cold, and a catalyst for deeply in the closet Chris taking a long hard look at himself.

He had to make a phone call? His life is all a very delicate balance of situations.

Christian is a college student in a teacher training program that has an unbelievable list of decorum and comportment requirements. The main story is about self-punishment and idealized expectations. Brash on the outside, lovable and loyal geek on the inside. Bobby is cuter and funnier than Rob is, and a thousand times more popular with boys.

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But I also don’t, because this was exactly what I was in the mood for today. The female characters were treated evenhandedly. Christian is deeply concerned that his sexual preferences will prevent him from being able to pursue his teaching dreams.

Speaking of roommates, even though the focus was really on Christopher and Max’s relationship, I didn’t feel the others were shortchanged.

Apple Polisher (Rear Entrance Video #1) by Heidi Belleau

You submitted the following rating and review. Christian was anal retentive and uptight Knowing Me, Knowing You. And definitely no falling for his new roommate—tattooed bad-boy Max, who may or may not be a drug dealer. In order to get the teaching certificate he has long dreamt of, Christian has to maintain a perfectly spotless image, so he is back in the closet. The latest in a series of small-but-welcome reliefs that the last few months had taught Christian to appreciate. That just didn’t feel to me, maybe if this was or something?


Jun 08, Janice Salmon rated it really liked it.

Max is daring and has a bit of a grudge against the establishment. Paple has his own secret, and while it’s not as bad as what Chris thinks it is, he too doesn’t want to come out with it.

Apple Polisher by Heidi Belleau on Apple Books

He cares about his career. Does Christian manage to save his aunts porn shop??

God, was there something going on between them? I just love that the sex is realistic in this. It went up and down but never hitting pplisher peaks with the emotional angle. I couldn’t believe he was so clueless – so wrapped up in his life that he got his priorities messed up in the process. But the sex, well that was steamy and delicious.