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AR —2 Communications Security. Required and related publications and prescribed and referenced forms are listed in appendix A. This regulation establishes policies and responsibilities for personal security during combatting terrorism and other major disruptions on military installations.

Army Publishing Directorate

Visiting protective service personnel accompanying high risk persons will ensure coordination of their protective service mission and operations with the MACOM exercising geographical area of responsibility.

Altered, marred, or defaced credentials will be recovered anddestroyed. They must also be screened and 190-588 in accordance with paragraph 3—1 a. Training and equipment a. Hostage negotiation teams must be afforded adequate time to conduct training and will be tested at least semiannually using varied scenarios in day and night operations.

Vehicles should be similar to those available on the local economy in order to blend with the local environment; however, they will not exceed the class II designation for a compact sedan unless approval for a larger class vehicle has been granted by the Secretary of the Army in accordance with AR 58—1.

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This regulation is not subject to the requirements of AR 11—2. In response to terrorist demands, exceptions might include— 1 A doctor who is volunteering to treat injured or stricken individuals. Communicate by telephone or provide the abductor with a communications device.


It also provides guidance for protective service operations both wr and off military installations. Keep the abductor talking as long as possible. The request will include the following information: They should consider clothing worn by the principal being protected and the location of the mission.

190-5 Every phase of a protective service mission must be carefully coordinated with appropriate military, Federal, State, local, and host country agencies. Do everything possible to consume time in the hope that the abductor will be led to miscalculations, which could result in bringing about his or her capture, or be worn down into agreeing with the negotiator.

Equipment at a minimum will include—. References, page 10 Glossary ii Chapter 1 Introduction 1—1.


Cited in para 3—1. All vehicles will be equipped 1905-8 mounted radios. Unless authorized by statute or international agreement, soldiers performing personal protective services off military installations will not wear uniform accoutrements that project law enforcement authority.

Full-time protective services will be provided until the Level 1 high risk person permanently departs the geographical area or the Level 1 high risk designation is removed. The Commanding General, U.

Any person held against xr or her will as security for the performance of specific actions. Installation commanders will maintain an SRT capable of responding to a terrorist incident or other disruption on the installation within 2 hours or less from the time of notification.

The objectives of the full-time protective service team are as follows:. I t provides guidance for personal protective. The Army Weight Control Program. High risk personnel Personnel who are more likely to be terrorist or criminal targets because of their grade, assignment, symbolic value, vulnerabilities, location, or specific threat.

Ask to see the hostages so an assessment of their well-being and movement potential can be determined. Settle with the abductor on his or her negotiable demands by convincing the abductor to yield hostages for his or her own safety during surrender.


Personnel selected for full-time protective service duties must successfully complete the U. Trained personnel assigned the mission of accompanying the principal and providing interface between the principal and all security forces.

Military Police Personal Security. Contents Listed by paragraph and page number. Personnel nominated to perform full-time protective service duties will meet the following prerequisites: Obtain anything within reason the abductor requests, except for ammunition and weapons, drugs, and alcoholic beverages. 190-5

FM 19—30 Physical Security. Equip the escape vehicle, provided to the abductor, with electronic tracking devices. A dialogue between authorities and offenders which has as the ultimate goal the safe release of hostages and surrender of the offenders.

SRT marksmen snipers will be familiarized monthly and qualified every 60 days. Evaluation results will be maintained on file for 1 year. Establish appropriate liaison to provide food and beverages to the abductor and hostages.

Installation commanders may approve the monitoring and recording of hostage negotiations to maintain an. If at night, consider knocking out a rear tail light to ease ground tracking in case the electronic device fails.

Summon medical, engineer, and explosive ordnance disposal EOD support personnel that have appropriate. Project and protocol officers, security. As a minimum, personnel will receive individual and team training, to include evasive driver training.

Hand-held and portable base station frequency modulated FM radios equipped with surveillance packages will be available.