Manuale di ginecologia e ostetricia. Front Cover. G. Bolis. Edises, – Medical Manuale di ginecologia ed ostetricia. G. Bolis No preview available – G.I.C.O.G.: Gruppo Interregionale Collaborativo in Ginecologia Oncologica. Ann Oncol. ;6(9) PMID: (Bolis et al. ) TRIAL SPONSOR . Manuale di ginecologia ed ostetricia: G. Bolis: : Books.

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Int J Gynecol Cancer ;24 8 Supp 2: Robotic radical hysterectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy for locally advanced cervical cancer after neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Laparoscopy vs Laparotomy for the management of advanced ovarian cancer after neoadjuvant chemotherapy: Urinary tract infections in women.

Manuale giecologia ginecologia e ostetricia by G. Int J Gynecol Cancer ; J Min Inv Gynecol ; A series of laparoscopically managed large adnexal masses. Traduzione italiana del Dott. Surgical interruption of pelvic nerve pathways for primary and secondary dysmenorrhea Cochrane review. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol ; The role of pelvic and aortic lymphadenectomy at second look surgery in apparent early stage ovarian cancer after inadequate surgical staging followed by adjuvant chemotherapy.



TVT-O for the treatment of pure urodynamic stress incontinence: Surgical and survival outcomes after robotic surgery for endometrial cancer. Incorporating laparoscopy in the practice of gynecologic oncology service: Gruppo Interregionale Collaborativo in Ginecologia Oncologica; Adjuvant treatment for early epithelial ovarian cancer: Minilaparoscopic versus Conventional laparoscopic hysterectomy: Can ultrasound measurement of bladder wall thickness explain it? Eur J Surg Oncol ; Robotic surgical staging of gynecological malignancies in the medically ill patients.

Septiembre 08, Key — Glnecologia Capo 2. Iktisada Giris Ders Notu. Isterectomia totale laparoscopica per patologia benigna nelle pazienti ad elevato rischio anestesiologico.

Manuale di ginecologia e ostetricia: Surg Endosc ; J Sex Med ;8: Holis J ; All patients satisfying major eligibility criteria histological diagnosis of ovarian carcinoma, correct F.

Fertility sparing gynecological surgery.

The impact of the Loop Electorodurgical Excisional Procedure for the cervical intraepitelial neoplasia. To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above.

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Percutaneous sonographically guided radiofrequency ablation for the management of symptomatic uterine myomas. Hemodinamic effects of bethametasone on growth-restricted fetuses with absent or reversed end diastolic flow.

Survival was not significantly different trial I — Kaplan-Meier overall 5-year survival: Laparoscopic management of apparently early stage ovarian cancer: Manuale di ginecologia e ostetricia: Long term follow-up after laparoscopic management of early stage endometrial cancer.

TVT-O for the treatment of pure urodynamics stress incontinence in females: Secondary analysis of two prospective trials. Large cross-sectional area of the umbilical cord as a predictor of fetal macrosomia.

Br J Obstet Gynaecol, 99pp.