Boxing has 34 ratings and 1 review. Steve said: Originally published in , this is the best book of it’s kind I’ve been able find from the era. EDWIN L. HAISLET is Executive Director, Department of Alumni Relations, University of Minnesota. He was formerly Boxing Coach and Assistant Professor of. Results 1 – 7 of 7 Boxing by Haislet, E. and a great selection of related books, art and Boxing. Haislet, Edwin L. Published by New York: The Ronald Press.

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Carry the hands high and close to the FIG.

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Continue, only using a straight right. Rolling means nullifying the force of a blow by moving the body with the blow. A good boxer knows what openings will result before he feints, and makes use of this knowledge and initiates his follow-up action almost before the opening results.

The Short or True Uppercuts—are used principally as defensive blows against crouchers, and as counters. The movement must be sudden and precise Figure 55, page Therefore, the use of the fundamental position is to obtain the most favorable position for hitting. Open to the public ; The left foot moves first, four to six inches to the right.


Will Hankins rated it really liked it Jan 15, With a right step—Assume the fundamental position. Action must be instantaneous, and where there is a wide choice of action, instant action is difficult if not impossible unless the right action has been previously conditioned.


Do not move the elbow. The arm must not drop at any time. Out fo the eight, at least four should be made automatic in execution. As above, except the right foot is moved first. Must gain the inside position. The Advanced Blows and Blocks In the fundamental position the fist is edqin so that the thumb side is upward.

Now slide the right foot back- wards tgwo inches, followed by the same movement with the left foot. It allows a sudden forceful move backward with a sureness of balance, allowing further retreat if necessary, or a stepping forward to attack if desired. The right arm must be kept close to the body.

Boxing by Edwin Haislet | rich angel –

Shift the weight over a straight left leg. Move the left toe back to the right heel, the left toe pointing directly towards the right heel. It bboxing the ability to attack or defend at all times.

Move one full step to the right with the right foot shifting the body-weight over the straight right leg Figure 67, page Carry the hands high, chin well down. It is the same idea as in slamming a door.

The greatest part of the body drop is obtained through a bend of the right knee.

BOXING by Edwin L. Haislet | Kirkus Reviews

Slip to the outside position and drive a straight left to the chin. If possible, follow the left lab with a straight right to the chin. Arm action alone is insentient to give real power to blows. The movement is mainly of the wrist. Continue, with the right arm and right leg working as one.


Once a boxer has mastered the different blocks and blows, it is necessary for him to be able to create openings which will enable him to score. As the body shifts forward to avoid the lead, a counter attack may be started.

Blocking with a glove is called a catch if used against a left jab. In England the boxing position seems to have developed from the fencing position, with the right foot and hand carried forward, with the left side of the body back.

They only give expression to body force when the body is in proper alignment. Performed suddenly the slip contains an element of surprise and leaves the opponent wide open at the mercy of a terrific counter-attack.

The twist of the waist is a direct turn from right to left, with no swinging ediwn swaying. Feint a left jab to the face and jab to the stomach; feint a left bt to the stomach and jab for the face; feint a left jab to the face, feint a right to the face and then jab the left to the chin; feint a straight right to the jaw and hook the left to the body, feint a jab to the chin and deliver hxislet right uppercut to the body.