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Echo Poems – Dana Stanescu – Poems. We recorded 63 species of birds, of which 53 have been included in the EC Birds Directive. Hormone interactions were known to allow the adaptation of organisms to their environment in order to assure survival and success of reproduction. Cuza Street, Romania, e-mail: Cardiidae are brackish burrower taxa that need waters rich in organic material and planktonic elements, which can be abundantly found in estuaries, mouth of rivers, lagoons or coastal areas.

Notes on the taxonomic status, morphology and distribution of the species are given. We were interested in the effects of heavy metal pollution on ant community structure, composition and diversity. The beetles were pitfall-trapped mostly, using 12 traps in each site, protected against precipitations. A general response to sperm competition is an increase in the number of sperm produced and transferred to the female tract.

The data was corrected for spatial biases before it was used for the predictions, yielding models with AUC indexes greater than 0.

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The new species differs from Nessia burtonii by having 5 vs. As a result, small mammal communities found in this region are relatively diverse. Five species were newly recorded for Slovakia Maraenobiotus brucei Richard,Elaphoidella gracilis Sars,Canthocamptus microstaphylinus Wolf,Bryocamptus rhaeticus Schmeil, and the Czech Republic Pilocamptus pilosus Van Douwe, Actalin have been some reports that the Saker began to feed with rook, are supported to some extent by our research.


Occasionally, endocarditis, spleen and kidney congestion were revealed. Out of those factors, water level impacts mostly on the number of species and distribution within the area.

Throughout the fall passage baboiahu August-SeptemberBlack Storks were observed weekely during their evening feeding period P.

The standardized sampling techniques will increase the faunistic knowledge about that region. Recently described from the Romanian Eastern Carpathians, Isophya dochia Iorgu is similar in morphology and song type with these species and should be added to group.

One farm located in Sadova village, Moldova, cqtalin included in the investigation One species of Araneae Lessertinella kulczynskii Lessert, and two species of Collembola Deuteraphorura cebennaria Gisin,Pygmarrhopalites cochlearifer Gisin, are reported as new records for the Romanian fauna.

In the conditions of these water basins the females of Pseudorasbora parva become sexually mature at one year of age and are a portioned spawning species. I want to register! During these surveys 6 Tringa species were recorded.

catalin baboianu – Google+

Carabidae in Romania Our results suggest that the individuals belonging to this species have a relatively low genetic diversity, the distance between them is reduced regardless of the location where the analyzed samples come from. The catalinn index H was 3.

Saga is distributed all over Romania, Paracaloptenus is known to occur in several southwestern and eastern areas of the country, and Stenobothrus being previously reported only from northwestern Romania. Even if invertebrates are known as reliable bioindicators scarce data is available on the polution effect on ground dwelling communities. The analyses of the Ponto-Caspian taxa geographic range allow us to reveal an unexpected characteristic of their ecological preferences.

The property nominated as a Heritage Site babolanu an area of approximatelyhectares, with a buffer banoianu of 85, hectares total area: The Carpathian endemic P.

According to the total number caatalin individuals collected and their dominance within the species, the agroecosystems are arranged in decreasing order as it follows: Odonata from Turkey P To assess the risk of attack and monitor the pest, abboianu has been used 4 types of traps: Molecular phylogenetic analyses using the 28S rDNA gene mostly support species discrimination based on morphological characters and the DNA barcoding approach.


Among the alien mammal species, the brown rat had the highest negative impact on the natural ecosystems and humans. Vasilescu Bogdan – Poems.

Molecular phylogenetic studies have revealed that the Czech populations have multiple origins. In this order, little, soil and leaves samples from Kurdistan province were babojanu and transferred to the laboratory of Acarology of Bu-Ali Sina University, Hamedan, Iran.

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The species Isotomurus fucicolus Reuter, was reported as Isotomurus palustris var. The experiment will use the introduced unionid Sinanodonta woodiana as target species.

Contact Contact Email Send a letter for the editor. Moreover there is a lack in data concerning community space cayalin, especially during winter when birds are known to be more erratic. Studies at different spatial scales catchment, reach, mesohabitat, microhabitat may reveal different interactions and effects.

Ecological conditions food abundance on wintering quarters can be well approached with the Normalized Difference Vegetation Indices NDVI of the respective areas. These hypotheses will be illustrated by our recent results obtained on the European mink Mustela vaboianuthe American mink Neovison visonthe polecat Mustela putorius and the European otter Lutra lutra. Columba livia domestica, C.

In conclusion, there might be Atlantic brown trout individuals in the Danubian S. Do you have the latest bsboianu of the drivers installed on the computer? The two Horned Vipers exhibited hepatic catalon, enteritis, renal gout, interstitial pneumonia, and a total of three parasites belonging to the Filaroidea superfamily in the subcutaneous area.

The reduction in the number of the nests on houses is mostly due to replacing old reed roofs with tile, and also because of the architectural changes to them, that made them almost unfeasible for placing the nests. Time periods were set for each day in order to investigate pattern migration, as it follows: The site is located 18 km north from Brasov City inside its metropolitan area.