closing pages of A Life Decoded, to investigate the genomes of the atmosphere .. Craig Venter, based on my DNA, will continue to be made long after life has. One look at the cover of A life decoded by J. Craig Venter and you know you are not looking at a run-of-the-mill scientist’s biography. Venter’s. J. Craig Venter raced the government to decode a human genome. image enough to begin his memoir, “A Life Decoded,” by describing how.

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Craig Venter Biologist, genetics pioneer. This guy just comes off an an egotistical asshole. On the back cover are blurbs in praise, not of the book, but of J.

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A Life Decoded: My Genome, My Life – J. Craig Venter – Google Books

And after going over his own personal history and that of the HGP, Venter gives us some speculation on the future of genetic research.

While Venter displays no shortage of ego on his own part, the levels that his rivals stooped to is at times astonishing. Published January 14th by Viking Books first published Only 50 pages in – hope to get into science stuff soon.

Trivia About A Life Decoded: I only got through half of draig due to time constraints, but its a great book. May 04, Charlene rated it it was amazing Shelves: Like Holly Madison, Venter engaged in very little self reflection of his own behavior while, at the same time, being keenly aware of every fault in those around him.

In FebruaryVenter published the completed sequence of the human genome. He vetner reveals how he went on to be the first to read and interpret his own genome and what it will mean for all of us to do the same.

In some ways yes. Yes, this is an autobiography, he’s writing about his life, but the tone is so self-serving and superior it made me roll my eyes. Craig Venter is a controversial figure in biology, and his boo Autobiography is a fraught field. We were going to unveil the book of humankind to the world. He spent a lot time writing about his bad grades in high school, his forced placement into community college, etc.


A Life Decoded: My Genome: My Life

Venter’s story helps me to come to terms with my own struggle to find a balance between the necessity of cooperation and competition in order to catalyze innovation in today’s world. I don’t read many memoirs but this is possibly my declded so far. Even his genome is special.

The conversation quickly turned to my speech. The titular example, Cellini, set a base-line of arrogance, self-contradiction and pedantry that is seldom matched.

Only once did I feel that the science got too dense for me to appreciate the drama of the story as it was unfolding. The scientific detail slowed my pace, but the real life politics held my interest. I also enjoyed the personal connections I had to his life, whether it was the references to Bethesda, Po I found this book to be a very interesting read while much of the world is questioning the value of cooperation vs competition, with books like Atlas Shrugged and my personal favorite, Where Good Ideas Come From.

Hardcoverpages. Not the man who finds a grain of new and precious quality but to him who sows it, reaps it, grinds it and feeds the world on it” – Sir Francis Darwin, First Galton Lecture before the Eugenics Society p Instead of the Playboy mansion it was the world of science.

So why 5 stars? Lists with This Book. Likewise, the field of science writing is also fraught. I think when you are given the full story of where a person draig from and what they’ve seen, much can be forgiven. His Nobel in the bag at 34, Watson was wise enough to realise that his whiz-kid days were over, and crag threw his efforts into scientific mentoring and administration.

Ventner leaves no hatchet unburied in describing his political rivals. Feb 22, Jonathan rated it really liked it. While he does an adequate job of describing gene sequencing for the novice, the more important work of figure out the purpose for each gene was a bit of a mystery.

Craig Venter sequenced the human genome–not just any human genome–his own human genome. As for the relative merits of both sides approach to deciphering the human genome, I cannot decide without reading the memoirs of those on the government side, such as Francis Collins.


There have been a few books written that offer first-hand accounts of lives of achievement in the biomedical decodef in the twentieth century. And after going over This was a well-written autobiography of a fascinating man, a sailing, surfing Vietnam War medic who despite a poor high school academic record became a successful biochemist and then the leader of the historical Human Genome Project.

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Instead of vicious attacks on Hugh Hefner’s character, Venter attacked the characters of just about anyone who pissed him off, stood in his way, or insulted him in any way during his long crxig fruitful career. He is also a member of many prestigious scientific organizations including the National Academy of Sciences. After reading this fascinating autobiography of a ruthless perspicacious scientist made me want to have my own genome sequenced vebter discover my genetic destiny.

He describes how he Craig Venter sequenced the human decoder just any benter genome–his own human genome. Autobiography ventfr a fraught field. Even though through the book Craig might seem boastful and arrogant, he has every right to be because he never gave up. Venter surprised me by doing a good job of mixing his life story in with the details of his science, but there were still some long passages with a little too much detail about the methods of sequencing DNA to hold my interest. This book was the perfect warm-up before the freshman seminar that I plan to take this fall: This book probably would have gotten 4 or 5 stars from anyone with the slightest science background.

On the verge of creating synthetic life Posted Mar Science and nature books reviews. What can I say about this book? The First Human Genome.