As the title says they have taken everything down by request of WotC, I gotta say this sucks for being away from books and at work ect. What are. I tried to find something on Crystalkeep the other day and realized they took the files down. But, I went to Canonfire and found the info I wanted. Dungeons & Dragons Edition Index – Races Collected by Chet Erez ([email protected]) Report Suggestions or.

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I know, having a snail’s skin could have made for some good RP but a slotless item is better than a feat.

As a competence bonus, it’ll stack with the circumstance bonus from masterwork tools but not the competence bonus that often comes from magic items, which is sad. Initially it’s only WIS while shifting, but pretty much all shifters eventually tag the “keep trait while not shifted” capability if they can. Obscure Feats The uncategorized feat Hardened Criminal City of Stormreach 95 grants the creature immunity to attempts to Intimidate it and the ability to take 10 on 1 skill picked when the feat’s picked.

I’m basically looking for feats I’ve never heard of, that could be better suited to the concept than the ones I already parsed through. It’s a first level feat so I’m going to sacrifice Able Learner I’ll be getting Heal and Perform back as class skills from my PrCs at level 24 and 25 respectively. Order of the Stick is not a good source for comparing power level.

Unfortunately it’s hard for me to recall every single feat without looking at it again. She is a plain old generalist wizard, because I needed a familiar and the only variants our DM allows involve renouncing to it. She liked exploring the woods and being on the stage and she improved really fast, becoming an enfant-prodige.


[FREE] Crystalkeep d20

The bulk crystalkewp the discussion that was had is in another thread you can follow through the thread I linked. More levels of wizard would really be a boon, too. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

I don’t need that sparring dummy since I auto-pass DC 40 crystal,eep checks, to the same effect. Consult the order of the stick and V in particular as to why this is a potent combination. Question about PnP races. Results 1 to 9 of 9. Disentangler has Wild Dwarf as a prerequisite, in addition to the regional requirements. I slightly modified my original post to incorporate why some feats aren’t any good to this character, namely DD Athlete, Mourning Mutation and Aberrant Blood even if Scavenging Gullet is really gold.

More importantly, it grants the creature the ability to “gain crystalkrep from eating any organic material, despite its freshness or source. The Disentangler feat is available via to the Chult region’s natives generally not just to dwarves.

Will this character enter play at level 20, or are you planning ahead? But yeah, it’s quite inconvenient. This feat sprang to mind immediately when you mentioned your character’s focus on the Escape Artist skill.

She has full ranks in most Str and Dex skills, perception skills including sense motive, plus disguise, perform danceheal and bluff, which she uses to make her performances more convincing Leilani doesn’t want to lie. The play dead option for Combat Panache is nice. I’ve also discarded Brachiation. Also maybe I just didn’t read this as intended but this seems like a very broad crgstalkeep, and involves a lot of homebrewed rules. Leilani is the character portrayed in my current chat avatar.

I have this character who’s working in an open-world type of game where being actually useful to a party isn’t the biggest concern of a character. Originally Posted by gogogome. My current parsing process is running through an index file that used crytsalkeep be hosted on a site called CrystalKeep, that’s been taken down by WotC.


Recommended for the comics, can’t argue about the board’s power gamers. Of course it’s up to me to check for houseruled feats and homebrew ones. As you can see I have two feats to choose and those are going to be the last feats I can really choose, since future ones crystslkeep already pre-determined. I assume the intent is the next one, though. crystwlkeep


I’m guessing that’s mistletoe? If implemented in DDO would probably be something like Drow where 32 point build is not available unless True Reincarnate.

The DM must never abdicate the rule of his domain see Gabe dd20 penny arcade. Just about any other can fit CatLord I have access to all the feats in 3.

If you haven’t checked out the D20 optimization forums on the wizard’s boards crystlkeep on brilliantgameologists, you should. Sign up using Email cgystalkeep Password. It’s a shame it’s too late to make class suggestions as this character’s ripe for factotum Du Leilani is also the best contortionist in the world, and uses the Escape Artist skill to impress the crowds I’m using the general table in the skills section of the manual to determine how extraordinary or inhuman her performance is, despite not being able to use the skill to gain some money like perform, sleight of hand or tumble.

Not sure if you’re Eberron only – I kinda made that assumption. To summarize, it sucks, WotC is within their rights, etc.