Most services on the Frankston line begin or end at. Flinders Street Station (you’ll notice in the timetable these times are bolded). Services run. Frankston Line. Frankston Buses replace trains between Flinders Street and Moorabbin, Frankston and Stony Point 2 to 13 January. There are no scheduled. To view timetable information and train replacement bus stop locations, click here . Due to level crossing removal works on the Frankston line, buses will.

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I was looking a bit more at how and why the new Caulfield group timetable works like it does.


Enquiries on timetables, fares and bookings should be directed to the operator, and exact details of services should always be confirmed with the operator before you travel.

Disability Permit car spaces will be relocated within the Station Street car park during these works. Inthere were frankstin trains into Richmond from the Frankston line timetale 7: Many bus routes need upgrading, to provide better feeder services into stations thus relieving overcrowded station carparks as well as being more time-competitive for other trips.

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Journey Planner Plan your next journey with us. Frankston, Carrum, Mordialloc, and Bentleigh. All information is provided in good faith, and we attempt at all times to ensure that details are accurate and are kept up to date, however Australian Rail Maps cannot accept liability for any errors or omissions.

Scheduled to be ex-Frankston. Those that have more right to complain are those from the end of the Frankston line and are losing their Express Loop services. Express services will resume 5 September, once Ormond, McKinnon and Bentleigh stations are open, and track works are complete.


The Siemens train problems, combined with the premature scrapping of Hitachi trains as they were introduced, has led to overcrowding and delays. Travel period Mon – Fri Saturday Sunday. At the very least, long timetale should be used overcrowding regularly occurs in evenings and weekends on the Frankston line and othersbut more frequent services should also be provided. Between the peaks during the day things have improved on some lines. Customers are frnakston to allow up to 45 minutes extra travel time and plan their journey ahead.


Big cities demand big city solutions. Buses will replace Night Network trains between during the weekends. Due to level crossing removal works on the Frankston line, buses will replace trains between Caulfield and Moorabbin from 8. The Frankston line is the poorest performing in Melbourne. As a result local route bus services will be diverted at times. Frankston line trains are mostly every minutes now in peak, with a two-tier service so the load is spread between stopping and express trains.

Please note, I added paragraph breaks to that to help make it clearer. Most other lines still only get trains every 20 minutes. Direction of travel through the City Loop depends on the day of week and time of day. Operate two main stopping patterns: Lne So, what franksyon the logic in having a direct train that leaves after a loop train but gets to your destination faster? Between 6pm and 6: These trains have only two doors per side per carriage, and few handholds along the aisles, which causes passengers to congregate around the doors, slowing loading, particularly at peak times.

Metro and the government will be hoping this change results in that payoff.

Timetable Mastermind: confusion on the Frankston line 6pm-7pm – Daniel Bowen dot com

But the peak-shoulder period is a mess. Alamein and Blackburn have done so for decades. Now, I loved the 8: Due to the removal of the level crossings at North, McKinnon and Centre roads, the Frankston line will have a new weekday peak timetable from Lije 16 November until mid Customers are advised to allow up to an extra 15 minutes extra travel time and plan their journey ahead.

To check the Seaford North Reserve map, click lien. I found this from May — it was an email from me to a local politician who had asked about public transport issues in the southern suburbs of Melbourne.

To check the Carrum Station car park map, click here. During peak, the Siemens vs non-Siemens issue does come into play to a certain extent, but perhaps not as much as one might think, at least not directly. And after my experience Tuesday and last night, I have concluded that unless you leave the city between 5 and 6pm, the answer is to catch the next train to Caulfield and change there to a stopping all Franskton if required changing at Caulfield gives you more time to change platforms than at Richmond, and allows for trains running a bit late.


There will be night works between Moorabbin, Frankston and Stony Point, while maintenance works take place. More information about affected route bus services will be provided in the coming weeks.

It was the south-eastern suburbs that did Labor in. On weekends everything stops all stations and runs via the Loop fair enough given lower frequencies are unlikely to cause Loop congestion, and cause long waiting times if changing trains — arguably this should also be the case on weekday evenings after 7pm. A range of different buses will be operating, including express and stopping all station services, to help make your journey as direct as possible.

As the number of trains running has increased, more have had to bypass the four CBD loop tunnels. While overcrowding has eased since the June timetable change, punctuality is the worst in the city. The new Frankston line timetable does this in the off-peak and evenings with a consistent pattern: Select your travel date. This might be because there are a lot of trains running on the network, so even Comeng trains may be delayed due to Siemens trains. To check the Moorabbin Station car space closure poster, click here.

Go to the station, catch the next train to the City. Email updates Sign up for Email updates. Last night I came back from interstate trip, took the skybus to Southern Cross left Tulla about 11pm and found signs announcing no trains in the Caulfield direction from Southern Cross.

The following services will be cancelled: They’re not lying about the 30 minute delays.