Posts about Gioconda by Lucille Turner written by M.K. Tod. Editorial Reviews. Review. Gioconda proposes an elegant solution to the problem of why the Gioconda – Kindle edition by Lucille Turner. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking. Gioconda [Lucille Turner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. We know him as Renaissance genius: inventor, scientist, artist. Visionary.

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Davy O’Neill surprised his pregnant partner Similar in some ways to the exhibit in Vinci, although they were smaller and there seemed to be more of them. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Preview — Gioconda by Lucille Turner. Gioconda, Lisa Gherardini — who today is thought to be the woman portrayed by Leonardo da Vinci — in his famed Mona Lisais not the central focus of the book; the title is misleading.

Gioconda: Lucille Turner – The Idle Woman

Luci,le Taming of the Shrew: Are we then mesmerised, held in the trance of the juggler? But success requires sacrifice; Florence demands a level of conformity impossible for him. He’s finicky, almost obsessively neat and tidy, a vegetarian, a near anorexic.

I can’t therefore speak to the accuracy of it, but names you mention above in your review appear in the same context as you state, so perhaps King is fairly accurate in his behind-the-scenes story. Jun 20, Anne Bryson rated it it was amazing. The museum in the village gives a real feel for the scope of his inventions and the vast range of his interests.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. You are commenting using your Facebook account. One had a value that could not be esteemed in terms of gold or coinage as it was nothing less than the greatest repository of human knowledge in existence at the time, the library. Entertainment Newsletter Going out? Jul 01, Donna rated it really liked it. For the most part here, however, we will leave aside such publishing predations on our self-worth and look instead to the ample selection of other non-fiction releases on Not the one in the dopey Code.


His pursuit of La gioconda and what he does with the painting is so cleverly portrayed. Jul 09, Aparna Pipersenia rated it really liked it. Runs them over his bony face and rough beard. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I wanted to love this book but only liked it. Surely he is destined for power, but of what kind? A solitary child, Leonardo’s only intimate is Lisa Gherardini, the girl who spies on him in his workshop.

Vioconda invests him with a sense of fascination in the world and how it works particularly the human body and throws a light on how he was perceives as mad, bad and dangerous to know. It could be said she makes him out to be a monomaniac, but monomaniacs are usually bores with only one subject in mind, usually themselves, giocomda Leonardo was crazed by multiple obsessions. It is doubtful that he was, but history leaves the door open to the novelist, and anything is possible when there is no evidence against it.

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August 27 5: When I compare it with most of the tripe that sells well it says rather depressing things about the average reader. Tod writes historical fiction and blogs about all aspects of the genre at A Writer of History. It could giocondda been the capital, but Ankara was chosen instead, partly perhaps to distance the new Republic of Turkey from its controversial Ottoman past.

The theme was so powerful and the message so relevant, that the book soon became a classic. There is also the background. As a teenager, I read a lot about him I still have at least sixteen books on my shelves and I have yet to find any novel which gets him entirely right.


It is not merely a collection of facts, but provides a deeper understanding of what made that particular person tick. Rivers are being formed and mountains are being made. Whether the Mona Gilconda is a finished work is debatable. We focus on the smile and it vanishes. Although Lisa had six children and was apparently a good and faithful spouse, it’s not her virtue or even her beauty that has made her in some ways the most talked about woman in history. Tags author Lucille Turnerdeveloping themes for your novelGioconda by Lucille Turnerhistorical fiction writing tipsreading historical fictionThe Sultan the Vampyr and the Soothsayer by Lucille Turnertheme in historical fictionwriting tips for historical fiction.

Brian Lynch is a poet, giooconda and screenwriter. Hello Jean — Happy New Year!

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But that discipline, gioclnda lack of freedom, can inspire works of blinding beauty. To ask other readers questions about Giocondaplease sign up.

A Novel of Leonardo da Vinci. Beautiful poetic writing, I cannot praise it highly enough. Spurned by his tutor, he is sent by his despairing father to Florence as an apprentice. Regrettably, it didn’t meet any of my As a passionate reader of Historical Fiction I really wanted to like this book, but unfortunately it fell a little flat. Most important of all we learn to rediscover the magic of our lives and nature once again.

Gioconda by Lucille Turner

If you liked this book check out “The Agony and Ecstasy”. Guoconda is historical fiction and it does what I think historical fiction should do. Her Leonardo is only hot for art.

In the following paragraphs there will be spoilers, as I wanted to comment on a few specific things.