HelpNDoc and that you’ll never see documentation creation the same way from now on. We even think you will enjoy it soon. This tutorial project will let you get. But for those who cannot afford RoboHelp there are some free alternatives out there like HelpNDoc; free at least for personal use. If you need to.

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After you copy a template, you can then tailor the settings and properties to create customized documentation that supports your specific needs.

HelpNDoc has now automatically created the table of contents tutorail you created in the ‘New project’ window. You can create PDF and Word templates that define the cover, paper size, orientation of the page, margins, headers, and footers as well as the appearance of helphdoc table of contents and topic titles.

It provides an integrated view of key stats and insights about hyperlinks and library items used throughout the entire project. It lists all occurrences of library items as well as any topics that use them. If you need to use these programs commercially you may need to pay tutorizl small licensing fee, which might be worth it.

Online help – Learn how to use HelpNDoc | HelpNDoc

HelpNDoc certainly is rather basic but certainly fully OK for a small help project. HelpNDoc makes it easy to create new templates from scratch.

When you enable a build, it is generated when you use your build list. HelpNDoc provides over fifteen default dictionaries that you may use to spell check your help and manuals. It is possible to create helpmdoc unlimited number of build outputs in HelpNDoc and for each of those, it is possible to indicate which conditional tags needs to be included.

These open source dictionaries are free and support the spectrum of international languages and a variety of dialects as well as specific requirements such as medical terminology, grammar rules, and common names. Deleting them from your HelpNDoc projects just takes a few clicks. This order determines the order in which your documentation is generated.


It has also correctly set up the “project title” and the “project language” settings as you entered. Helpmdoc launched, it will request a lease from the floating license server to make sure it is allowed to run. HelpNDoc affords you tremendous flexibility to support dynamic requirements when you publish your documentation.

You also have the option to temporarily disable a build to prevent it from being generated. To improve the usefulness of your documentation, you can provide hyperlinks to supplemental files that are located outside your documentation.

When you insert a library item into your documentation, you are actually inserting a pointer to that item in your library. As a result, readers can be taken to exact locations within topics, rather than the beginning of topics.

Welcome to HelpNDoc

It can also be published multiple times with different content and settings in each heppndoc those formats. When you publish your documentation, it is displayed with its assigned name.

Keywords are displayed in alphabetical order in your keywords panel. HelpNDoc gives you the flexibility and control to determine which of your builds are published when you generate documentation. You can display these documents or make them available to download.

We are going to take a look at how to create a new project in HelpNDoc today. And there you have it. Both are outlined below. Rather than forcing readers through documentation linearly from beginning to end, HelpNDoc makes it easy for readers to click links to access information they are helpndooc in. And the “project language” settings as requested That’s how easy it is to create new projects with HelpNDoc.

HelpNDoc has a project management tool called Project Analyzer that makes it easy to evaluate the overall structure and integrity of your project. HelpNDoc makes it simple for you to make your documentation more interactive by giving readers hyperlinks so they can learn more about topics that they are interested in and follow steps of a process.

We can now focus on the most important part: The library is a central repository where you maintain your multimedia files. HelpNDoc provides an easy-to-use helpndco feature that allows you to select from various icons to classify your topics.


HelpNDoc assigns a header when you create a new topic. The Project Analyzer makes it easy to evaluate the thtorial used throughout your project. To support your specific requirements, you may update this name for any output at any time. In order to insert an image or another media element into your documentation, you must first place it into the library. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply You must be logged in to post a comment. It is simple to modify this setting to automatically collapse topics, displaying only parent-level topics in the table of contents.

We can now focus on the most important part next: Your library in HelpNDoc is a central storage area for your entire project where you maintain your multimedia files including images, photographs, helpndod, documents, HTML code, variables and snippets. Users expect their documentation to be easily accessible from the wide variety of devices available to them such as the popular eBook readers. You can also use the Project Analyzer to eliminate unnecessary and outdated duplicates to helpndco your updating processes.

Using hyperlinks can also help readers follow steps of a tktorial. You can select any topic from your table of contents to establish a hyperlink to that topic. To support your specific requirements, HelpNDoc allows you to select the dictionaries that are used by the live spell checker. A floating license of HelpNDoc can be installed on any number of computers.

After importing the Word document, you have helpndpc option of updating the content. You can define the order of your outputs in your build list. You can download it helpncoc www. Tutofial creating a new template, you can then tailor it to support specific requirements.

By default, the content of each topic is included in all builds when the documentation is generated. There are also some other free and low-cost help authoring tools available, such as HelpSetMaker, Helptrix, Helpinator, and some more details see http: