With the school admission notice, the required document of visa application for study in China (Form JWor JW), students apply for the student’s visa in. Today is July, 22, only around one month left until students from different countries have to fly to China to start their studies. The deadlines for. KCEL can arrange student visaX1, X2 for you according to your schedule and need. Click to know Chinese visa payment and application process.

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Please use paper clip to attach the photo face-down avoid scratching to the form. X2 visa is usually issued for one entry with validity up to 6 months. X-student visa L-Tourist visa M-Business visa. The university will send you a document packet containing:.

Request Information

He was asked to come to China on an F visa and the company promised to convert it into a Z visa in China. You can only apply for the Residence Permit after you have completed the University Admission Procedures. I assume that the ministry only print blank forms and distribute them to registered schools. X1 is issued to students who go to China for study for more than 6 months.

The employee rather made a new visa run to Macau and brought an L visa. FAQs Study in China. It happened in a well-known city of Jiangsu province. This number shows the times that you can enter China. The said African was recruited by a western manager. You may have to enter China on a tourist visa and convert it to a student visa upon arrival.


The Chinese embassy will only accept the JW form after the following procedure: Admission Express Bulletin Events Interview.

The exact materials needed for a visa application vary from country to country. Please send the original Admission Notice and a good quality photocopy.

At his country’s embassy dorm Beijing, he was informed that his contract with the company was terminated. I’ve had a couple sent out to me before, but only after I pay the fees, gorm the general requirement I’ve seen.

How do I receive the result? X visa student visa are issued to those coming to China for study or an internship for longer than six months. Please prepare your application paperwork according to the instruction below 1 Actual passport, plus a photocopy of the name page.

Apply for the Residence Permit after j202 have completed the University Admission Procedures and physical examination. Hand written form is not acceptable. It’s rather a result of mw202 decisions taken by some racist individuals because of their hatred against the above-mentioned nationalities, races and ethnic groups.


Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I have noticed that most Chinese universities and schools are reluctant about sending a JW form to students still in their home countries. One who entered China with visa-free policy can not apply for the residence permit. The person I’am talking about was an African working for a local Sino-American company. Otherwise, you must renew your passport first.

Return shipping fee fodm is for return addresses within the continental U.

They found pretexts to cut down his salary paying him only one-third of his normal salary which normally followed the westerners’ salary structure. Yet, the regulation requires an X visa for people who intend to wj202 for more than 6 months.

Getting a Student Visa

Click for additional requirement for Chinese descendants. These are amendment pages, reserved by the US Department of State for amendment to the passport. Seems odd though, and that’s why I’d like to know where and when – I doubt it’s nationwide policy. It is the expiration date of your residence permit.

Change or correction is not allowed on the printed form.