Ph.M. Kanarev: [email protected] The Kuban State Agrarian University, Department of Theoretical Mechanics. 13, Kalinin Street, , Krasnodar. PLANCK’S CONSTANT AND. THE MODEL OF THE ELECTRON. Ph. M. Kanarev. The Kuban State Agrarian University. Department of Theoretical Mechanics. Before finishing this unexpected essay let me reflect on what came to my mind as I was reading Kanarev’s paper again. I was thinking about similarities between.

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Law of conservation of Angular Momentum 24 5. Clusters and their Binding Energies 9. Progress,page Theoretical prognostication of this result was impossible due to the absence of any notion concerning the models: As a result, the main attention has been paid to an experimentnot to a theory. Time is absolute, because there are no such phenomena in the nature, which could influence on time, for example, to accelerate or reduce its flow.

The axiom on parallel straight kanqrev suffered most of all. Why should I rule out a possibility that the excess heat is due to chemical reactions taking place inside the reactor?

Electron Velocity and Momentum Density. The new theory of water electrolysis has allowed the author to calculate quantity of heat energy.

Directory:Kanarev Electrolysis –

The beginning has taken place more than forty years ago kanarwv a hope has appeared to work out controlled thermonuclear fusion and to solve the power problems in the nearest future in such a way. The maximal wavelength of relic radiation corresponds to the maximal possible wavelength of the photon and the minimal wavelength corresponds to the gamma range.

As we have already noted, it is a branch of physics, which was born at the beginning of the 20th century in the day when Max Planck made his report concerning black body radiation at the sitting of the German physical society.

Structure of Oxygen Nucleus and Atom Insulation between anode, additional electrodes and cathode is insured by dielectric rings, dielectric washers and dielectric bushes. In Russian and in English, pages.


Model of the Electron

With the help of the photons, the astrophysicists get information from the stars, which are situated at a distance of nearly 1. The Planck’s Law of paapers of perfect blackbody is given on the basis of classical concepts, and the connection of quantum phenomena with the laws of classical physics is proved. The foregoing facts lead us to believe that theoretical and experimental ppaers have come to the point at which major revision of the physical knowledge accumulated in this century has become essential to future progress toward understanding nature.

Stop video at the moment of time and you will see, that two white wires on the right are connected to electrolyser.

In general, the representatives of orthodox science ignore this ppaers, but it does not reduce the number of the critics. Announcement view October 8, If we check the connection of these formulas with reality by means of an experiment, the rectilinearly moving photons will bring the information from the real object to our eye or to the devices. Summing up our traveling we note we have found the main criterion to estimate the connection of the results of theoretical studies with reality.

It has been proved that the fusion of the atoms and the molecules of hydrogen is a source of additional energy. Ceaselessness is based on the principle of uncertainty. There was an error working with the wiki: The lower and upper limits of photon radius. Hundreds of experiments were carried out in various countries in order to check this fact. More than 25 billion dollars have been spent for the investigation of this source, but there is no positive result.

In his scientific works, Ph. Appeal to the scientists papefs exact sciences of all countries in the world 9 4.

New Theory of Electrolysis Process of Water Analysis of Experimental Results 57 8. Models of Water Molecules and its Ions Greenberg – – Foundations of Physics 30 3: The critics analyse the consequences of these theories, not the foundation, on which they are based.

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Zipped Word document kB. An attempt to systematize the axioms of natural science according to the level of their generalized sense and importance for scientific investigations has been made.

The positive result was registered, but its reproducibility proved to be low. Proposed cell may be used for polarization of ions of solution and water molecules in horizontal and vertical planes, thus forming positive potential on anode and kanagev potential on cathode before connecting the cell to electric circuit process of separation of gases continues after disconnection of cell from circuit.

The band of the relic radiation is formed by the processes of nascence of the hydrogen atoms and molecules and the processes of their cooling and liquefaction. This URL shows results of numerous experiments designed to test reproducibility. Wheatstone, Charles Wien, W. Their main task is to explain reality.

Science Journals – Papers written by Ph. M. Kanarev

Gut, Bernardo Guthnick, P. The successes of mathematicians were so authoritative that they tried to check strength of the Euclidean axioms. Translation of Kanarev’s words on video: First of all they should characterize the main properties of the primary elements of the creation: Download Word document 38 kB.

It proved availability of angular motion in the natural phenomena, which were described with the help of the Kanareev constant [], []. New Theory of low voltage Process of Water Electrolysis. ESpaceNet search for Kanarev. Then the Euclidean mathematical axioms follow, which require additions. Both refer to totally unheard off, and hard to believe, experimental results.