Being Kemetic allows you to choose a religious path that works for you and helps If you’d like, you can find pre-written Kemetic prayers to incorporate into your. Prayer Ideas Kemetic – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Kemetic. It riffs off my shortform Kemetic rite, but with a more casual and less formal such as additional offerings, or any other prayers/hymns/etc you are going to use.

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Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Yet in my rage I could have glutted On all before me and not been sated, Yet for someone who spoke for me And helped me turn aside. The sacred fire is now set before the Netjer so that its light illuminates the kemeti image. However, my own experience is that when we can set aside a little time even once a day, be it morning or not, and we clear a space to celebrate a brief but powerful rite, we will find our life being energized, bit by bit, through the activity of invoking the Sacred.

GV Giomar Vazquez Jun 29, Lord borrows my body: She is a queen of hearts, and it is through the heart that She calls, nurtures and loves. Text provided by Marguerite E.

Simple Kemetic Daily Devotions « Per Sebek

Immediately after doing this, recite the following prayer: Anywhere that you normally buy books from. May you look favourably upon me, and be at peace with me.


O ne Friday morning Father Treat saw me lighting a candle in front of Mary, and sought me out. You can merely spend time in silence, make private prayers, speak to any gods you are close to, or wish to be close to, or recite hymns, prayer, or adorations.

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The Gods always understand our very human limitations. Aset, queen of heaven, mistress of magics, upholder of the good, I praise and honor you.

The task of the artist was to give earthly bodies to the Gods, Who would be invited to take up residence in the precious cult images once they had been ritually awakened. Best of arbiters, most skillful of questioners, conciliator of gods and examiner of the dead, all works of word and wisdom are yours to wield.

Meretseger, great of judgment, guardian of kings, lady of the great peak, I praise and honor you. How suspiciously Father Treat eyed me as I lit candles in front of the Virgin Mary, and made my heartfelt little prayer to Isis:.

You are so completely gone – to the winds, kemdtic earth, the Nile and its damned fishes. I was enthralled by the myths, the “gods”, and the architecture. Welcome Who is Senyt-menu? Heruakhety who crosses the sky with incense, great god of the horizon, I praise and honor you.

The day they crowned you king and shaved your head, I cried. How does this help my spiritual growth? As the purpose of these rites is to awaken and renew the power of the Netjer in sacred space, the awakening or restoration of the god is linked to the awakening and restoration of the Wedjat Eye, the whole and indestructible power of the Netjer.


May God be satisfied with the repast or offering to the right and to the left. Set of the red land, before whom the sky shakes, breaker of boundaries, I praise and honor you. The Gods are like special guests when you invite Them into your life and into your home. We cannot seem to be able to wake gently, ease into our day with devotion as did the ancient priests, nor can we seem to find even a few moments of mental stillness in the jolt to move our bodies to work, school or pressing responsibilities.

To Bast who grants the best of blessings, I offer my praise.

Look well, all assembled here. Subscribe To The Udjat! But we also agreed that however attached we might be to the name Isis, this is in fact not the original name of the Goddess at all!

The Dead God looked upon his charge Even as Anpu unbound him And called him by name, though one I could not understand, and asked, “Child, why have you done these things? If you remember your ancestors, then they live forever. The Kemetic or Ancient Egyptian religion lasted historically for at least 3, years, though Egyptologists now acknowledge the probability that there was an oral tradition of worship going back well before the first dynasty…before the written record.

First spake the lion-crocodile: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.