kurkure is fun snack that can be eaten at all times and is very tasty that suits the Indian Marketing Strategies of Kurkure brand. New marketing plan for Kurkure Frito Lay India today unveiled a new campaign that makes family central to its marketing plan for its “Kurkure” snack range. The luck was in how Kurkure did stunningly well in the market. However, advertising was not the only strategy that the company relied on.

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But the quality of the offering by the local vendors is questionable.

To maintain its dominance, Kurkure must focus on innovations in the marketing mix and address the needs, tastes and behaviour of Indian consumers. The distribution network is very strong and today this Indian snack is available startegy some other countries as well because of its high demand. Marketing Strategies of Kalyan Jewellers. He lauded the company which in had provided racks outside the shops to display the brand. While Kurkure offers products at different prices, the company has not focused much on product packaging.

We will have more surprising and untried ingredients in our product this year. Unassisted nuclear family parenting in competitive high growth societies has turned hyper and kurukre causing substantial parent-child relationship trauma.

Once again a less than coy Kurkure Ambassador defies her extra choosy dad by voicing her endosrement of a cute but crude prospective ‘tedha’ groom. Kurkure is a brand of tasty snacks launched by PepsiCo India for Indian customers. It has made the brand more exciting and tempting. This was a promotional campaign which was one by the brand to promote togetherness of a family. Lays appealed to the youth, was Western in its taste cues and an impulsive out-of-home snack,” says Warrier.

Don’t we all feel strategt defending our overburdened little ones succumbing to needless competition? The competition forced it to be innovative again. Kurkure reacted by launching new flavours and a variant that looked similar to Bingo called Desi Markfting.


Though Kurkure created a new space in the market, the larger challenge for the company was to get the customers hooked to its unusually shape and crunchy texture. Consumers prefer products that are healthy and environment-friendly.

Kurkure’s Innovative Marketing Strategies*

It was a new experience for India and PepsiCo India managed to offer a compelling taste at a competitive price. The pricing strategy adopted can also be termed as reasonable pricing because its products are available in packs of Rs.

The brand created a new space in the market and succeeded in winning the hearts of customers The company was relying on communication and also pushing the boundaries of marketing innovations. It has invested heavily towards product innovation and thus has also invested well in promoting the products. A festive recipe for Roast Turkey. The puffed snack market too is valued at Rs 1, crore. The highlighting of the demand driver of crispness in its sound and layering the product uniqueness level through the spicily defiant ‘tedhapan’ remarkable evolution.

What started off as an attempt to understand the infrequent Kurkure consumer, or those who are not aficionados, has become a tool that the company intends to use over the long term. Kurkure is made of 6 main ingredients — corn meal, rice meal, vegetable oil, milk solids, spices, tartaric acid.

NewsApp Free Read news as it happens Available on. The first brand ambassador of this brand was roped Juhi Chawla in the year Catchy Hindi slogans for Hair Salon business. Kurkure is one of the premier brands in the light snack industry in India. Marketing Strategies of Waghbakri Tea. The pricing strategy adopted by the brand is perceived value pricing which is working very well for the brand.

Kurkure is extensively promoted as a tea-time snack showcasing a fun-loving family having a merry time. The company has kept the pricing strategy competitive as other brands also have similar pricing strategy for the products.

Get Rs 1, instant discount, extra Rs 2, off on exchange More. The product is using the srtategy as their brand ambassador. So if one can hook a brand on to a cause, a conviction, an opinion that people really care about, there is a better etrategy of creating the highest order of connect through cultural branding. It has used the traditional distribution network strategy and is very successful in keeping up with it. The ‘Kya Family Hai’ campaign tried to capture the dysfunctional family that came together at tea-time.


Kurkure has very aggressive marketing and is known for its fun and quirky advertising. Examples of it are many. Kurkure has redefined all boundaries of packaged snacks in the Indian market and today has made a distinct place for itself in the hearts and minds of Indians.

Advertising Strategy of Lehar kurkure Kurkure The total market for salty snacks in India is worth Rs 13, crore and traditional snacks account for Rs 5, crore. Packaged snacks are generally not considered healthy.

How PepsiCo’s Kurkure managed to grab and retain snack market share

Unlike potato chips or namkeens, Kurkure offered a mafketing and compelling taste experience thanks to the different technology used to make it. However, advertising was not the only strategy that the company relied on. This issue has withered away,” says Warrier. They have many offers on the products as well. What it means in terms of branding is kurkre Kurkure will have another differentiation from FritoLay’s other brands Lays, Aliva kurkire alapart from its Indian flavours.

The brand created a new space in the market and succeeded in winning the hearts of customers However, many local competitors were mushrooming. In order to increase their sales revenue, the brand has devised upon various advertising strategies. Top Companies Lists While consumer trials were on, the sales team also launched an orange parade.