Lupinus termis contained a higher percentage of protein (), mg calcium and mg iron. 2. All the essential amino acids are present in fair amounts. A new lupin alkaloid, (−)-Δ5-dehydroalbine, was isolated from the ethanol extract of the seeds of Lupinus termis together with some unusual lupin alkaloids. Common name, White lupine. Synonym, Lupinus termis. Other names, ›Lupinus albus L. ›Lupinus termis Forssk. Rank, SPECIES. Lineage, › cellular organisms.

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Full Data This table shows all the data stored for this plant. The main allergens are Lup-1 a conglutin b, vicilin-like proteinLup-2 conglutin a, legumin-like protein.

It is the major viral disease for lupinus albus. Lupinuw Scitermiss 2pp. Habitats Disturbed ground on acid soils[45, 50]. QR Code What’s this? There is no breeding program about rust tolerant plants designed.

Plant Species Lupinus Leguminosae. The crop rotation for white lupin ideally lasts at least four, ideally five years and often lupin is grown after a cereal crop. Today, lupini are most commonly found in Mediterranean countries and their ttermis colonies, especially in Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Brazil, as across the Middle East where it is part of Sham El Nessim holiday meals. The seeds are used for different foods from lupin flake, vegan sausages, lupin- tofuand lupin flour.

Fungal diseases are often controlled with fungicides.

Lupin bean – Wikipedia

The white lupin seeds contain a high amount of proteins. Seven seeds of this species were also retrieved in the tombs of this dynasty dated back terms the 22nd century BCE. This is due to the susceptibility of some lupine cultivars towards Diaporthe toxica. There are winter and spring forms of white lupin. Lupini were popular with the Romanswho spread their cultivation throughout the Roman Empire.


When removing plant remains at the end of the growing season, it is best to only remove the aerial parts of the plant, leaving the roots in the ground to decay and release their nitrogen. In Greeceand especially on the island of Crete and in the Peloponnese area, they are a very common snack during the period of lent before Easter.

The seed of many lupin species contain bitter-tasting toxic alkaloids, though there are often sweet varieties within that species that are completely wholesome[65, 76]. Dictionary of Economic Plants. Lupins geography, classification, genetic resources and breeding. A Colour Atlas of Poisonous Plants. Cultivation An easily grown plant, succeeding in any moderately good soil in a sunny position [7]. The chemical composition of lupin seeds depends on the cultivation region except from the protein content which is independent from environmental conditions.

Do you know of an interaction that should be listed here? Does anyone know where I can buy the termis seeds. We are currently updating this section. Although broilers can tolerate a high share of lupine seeds in their diet, an excess use should be avoided, as it causes moist faeces, which negatively affects hygiene and therefore promotes health risks.

If the seed is bitter this is due to the presence of toxic alkaloids and the seed should be thoroughly leached before being cooked.

Lupin has even been found in some tomato ketchup sauces.

Edit this page to add your knowledge. Total alkaloid content in sweet white lupin cultivars does not currently exceed 0. Taste is a very clear indicator. Retrieved from ” https: The lupin doesn’t compete well with weeds, particularly in the colder zones, because it closes the stand only in late summer. It is tdrmis traditional pulse cultivated in the Mediterranean region.


It cannot grow in the shade. Lupinus albuscommonly known as the white lupin or field lupineis a member of the genus Lupinus in the family Fabaceae.

They are traditionally eaten as a pickled snack food, primarily in the Mediterranean basin L. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Practical Plants is a plant database designed for Permaculture enthusiasts, Forest GardenersHomesteaders, Farmers and anyone interested in lupinsu horticulture. Only comments or links that are felt to be directly relevant to a plant will be included.

Mechanical weeding is feasible, also hoeing if the rows are wide enough. The total vitamin E content is about 2. The flowers have a different colour. Always seek advice from a professional before using a plant medicinally. Germination should take place within 2 weeks. Until today, in many countries of the world water-soaked and boiled lupin seeds are sold on markets and in bars as snacks much like sunflower seeds.

Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System. Lupin poisoning affects people who eat lupibus prepared lupin beans.

Views Read Edit View history. Edible uses Notes Seed – cooked teermis [4] [5].

Lupin bean

Lupins are currently under widespread cultivation in Australia, Europe, Russia, and the Americas as a green manure, livestock fodder and grazing tremis, and high-protein additive for animal and human foods.

Duration of growing period under spring sowing varies from to days, seed mass per plant changes from 2. This species is probably no more than a part of L.

Lupini beans are commonly sold in a brine in jars like olives and pickles.